Austria’s blackout forecast for Europe is one of the news stories that is provoking debate, both among citizens and among politicians and other public officials. The Austrian authorities have been blunt in their warnings. In fact, Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner explained that the focus should be on the date of the big blackout, not on whether it will happen or not. Given this, you need to consider the things you should include on your shopping list to prepare for it.

The entire list below should fit in a small cardboard box that can be stored at the top of any closet in the house, no need to have a bunker full of firearms and military survival rations (unless you’re expecting a zombie apocalypse) 🙂

Essential items in the survival kit

  • Two large jugs (at least one liter per person per day) of water.
  • One of the warnings issued by the Austrian authorities is to stockpile food for about 15 days. It is very important to buy food that is not perishable because appliances such as the refrigerator or microwave would stop working. Calculate for each person and day a hundred grams of legumes (beans, lentils, etc.) or pasta and fifty grams of canned food; to this you add a box of meat broth tablets, a kilo of sugar, another of salt and a couple of boxes of tea bags (tea and chamomile, for example).
  • A first aid kit is essential. In the home, small mishaps can arise that are easy to solve if we have it at hand. In addition, if there is a chronically ill person in the family, you should talk to your doctor to find out how to administer your medication. Possibly the most necessary is a large box of multivitamin supplements that have almost all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Gas stations will close and we will be caught with little or a lot of gasoline; it is a matter of luck but it is advisable to have at home at least a couple of liters of alcohol that will be useful for cooking.
  • Candles, flashlights, matches and lighters will be essential to illuminate the house in case the light is lost but even more practical is a hand-crank flashlight.
  • Electronic devices will no longer work but two of them should be in every home: an AM/FM radio with hand crank charging to receive news about the emergency situation and a solar charger for the cell phone which, if the mobile networks are still working will keep us in touch with family and friends and we will be able to receive news.

Awareness campaign in Austria

The Austrian authorities launched a public awareness campaign in response to the major European blackout. Among other actions they handed out posters and launched a question to help citizens in organizing their lives. “What would you take with you to a campsite?” is the question they launched to get everyone organized.


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