Almost everyone rides or has learned to ride a bicycle. Some do it for sport, others recreationally. In many cases as a means of getting from home to work, to visit a loved one or anywhere else.

Riding a bicycle brings us many benefits, as it is healthy, fun, helps to clear the mind and allows us to get from one place to another quickly, while exercising. However, we must keep in mind that we can take advantage of all these benefits and do it safely.

While many countries are becoming more aware of road safety, in others it is as if bicycles were exempt from traffic laws. There are even those who refuse to use accessories for aesthetic reasons and prioritize that over safety.

However, one of the big problems in many cities is that not everyone does it taking care of the integrity of others and themselves. That is why we propose these useful accessories for safe cycling.


The helmet is one of the essential accessories for bicycle safety. It is important to choose one that is comfortable and fits well on your head.

An ill-fitting helmet is likely to come off in the event of a crash and the consequences will be the same as if it had not been worn at all. It has been proven that the use of a helmet reduces the likelihood of injury, minimizes the severity of injuries and can prevent fatalities.
Bicycle helmet.
Helmets are essential and necessary elements. In the event of an accident they could mean the difference between life and death.

Reflective vest

One of the most important safety measures when riding a bicycle is to be visible. Hence the importance of a reflective vest, especially after dark.

This way, we will not go unnoticed by motorists and large vehicles. For motor vehicle drivers, cyclists often go unnoticed at night or when visibility is poor.

Other accessories that we can take into account with the same function are the following:

  • Fluorescent clothing.
  • Reflective tapes.
  • Pedals reflectors.


Adding lights to the bicycle is ideal. We recommend the use of LED lights, which last longer than conventional lights and can be recharged with a USB cable.

The brightness will make motorists and pedestrians aware of our presence. Most accidents occur at night and cyclists often do not wear lights.

They should be placed both at the front and at the rear, as follows:

Front: the headlights should be white or yellow, which will allow us to illuminate the road in the dark and have better vision.
Rear: the rear headlights should be red, in order to warn oncoming traffic of our presence and not dazzle them. The light may be flashing or blinking.

Bell or horn

For some people it may seem like a child’s toy, but it is a vital element to prevent accidents. Sounding the horn well in advance can warn others of our approach and give them time to maneuver.

This applies both to other vehicles and to passers-by who are often distracted. Hearing the bell, they can determine whether to brake, turn or move out of the way and avoid collisions.


Gloves are ideal for cold weather, but it’s not just about temperature, they are specially designed to take care of your hands. They protect us in case of falls or collisions and also contain anti-slip fabrics that allow a better grip on the handlebars.

The same safety measures apply to children as to helmets. Even if they move in controlled environments, this object can protect them from hitting the ground.


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