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What is better? A Relationship or a Dog

Home & FamilyWhat is better? A Relationship or a Dog

We’ve all heard of a partner that could also be referred to as a dog, but have you ever compared an actual romantic relationship versus a friendship with an actual dog. It is a question that more singletons are asking themselves. Wouldn’t a dog just be a lot easier to deal with?


You might be lucky and find someone that cleans up after themselves, but equally, you might find out after they have already moved in that they expect you to do the work around the house. At least with a dog, you know that they will not leave their underwear on the floor or the toilet seat up. If you toilet train them at the start when they’re a puppy, you can rely on them only bringing a friendly vibe into your home and not a mess.

Attention and Care

Obviously, the attention and care you get from a dog is different to a partner, and you should be able to have a useful and constructive conversation with a partner. While you can talk to a dog as much as you like, they cannot answer back with feedback. Loyalty and love are in no short supply with a dog, though, and they will always be your biggest fan. Being bribed by regular treats will certainly help with this; it is not so easy to do this with a human being.


The cost of a committed human relationship can add up. Birthdays, Christmas’, and anniversaries, as well as days out and romantic surprises. It all takes a hit on your bank account. Dogs can be pricey too, but at least you can plan for the costs that might arise and invest in insurance. There is, unfortunately, no insurance if your relationship needs a fix.


A dog is always going to be happiest when with you, and you do not have to feel awkward with them. If you start a new relationship, you must have those difficult conversations about past relationships and sexual history, and even agree to both go for a health check, which some can be a bit put off by. With a dog, there is no discussion, as the master, you simply take them to a vet walk in clinic and do what needs to be done.


Your dog might have some baggage, like an old leg injury, or be a bit jumpy at certain things, but at least they do not come with the hassle of extra people. There are no in-laws to worry about, new friends that you must make, or bad exes to compare yourself to. At least, it is unlikely that you would compare yourself with a previous owner!


The jury is still out on this topic, and it will continue to be debated until the end of time. A cat could be in the running for you instead. Either way, there are a lot of similarities between a pet and a partner. It is easy to see why so many women end up being ‘old cat ladies.’ Perhaps, it is just easier to deal with a pet than a human relationship, which takes a lot more work.


  1. Hello, I have a problem and I am disgusted by dogs, their smell, touching them…. My boyfriend had the whim to have one and he is at home since January 4. Since then, everything in the house disgusts me (he moves between the kitchen and the living room), the smell, the house itself… It wouldn’t matter if it weren’t that it affects my relationship with my partner because I am in a bad mood all day long, angry, retching…
    My boyfriend is sad to get rid of it in spite of everything, but I just can’t, no matter how hard I try.
    Has anyone gone through something similar and got over it? Please help me. A kiss.


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