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How to clean solar panels to maintain their efficiency

Home & FamilyHow to clean solar panels to maintain their efficiency

Switching to solar energy is a good idea that benefits the environment. But it is also a big investment that needs special care. You need to learn how to clean solar panels, as dust and dirt can cause them to produce less.

For our solar equipment to work perfectly, it is necessary to provide simple maintenance that you can do yourself.

Most photovoltaic panels have a glass surface that covers and protects them. This is the space that we must try to keep free of dust, since the accumulation of dirt will only weaken the power with which the panels receive the sun’s rays.

Fortunately, cleaning solar panels is very simple. You just need to take certain precautions and you can do it yourself, without the need to seek professional help. If you want to learn how to properly clean your solar energy equipment, read on.

Why do solar panels get dirty?

When installed outdoors, at the mercy of external factors, solar panels get dirty easily, either because of tree leaves, pollen, bird droppings, pollution or plant debris.

These impurities cause them to lower their productivity, hence the importance of regular cleaning of the equipment, as dirt prevents more light from reaching them to transform.

So, if you have never cleaned your solar panels since their installation, it is time to consider doing so because you are wasting much of the energy that could be produced.

Materials to clean solar panels

Giving our photovoltaic panels a complete cleaning is easier than you think. You just need to be very careful, since for safety reasons you should never step on the panels.

Make sure to use comfortable and safe equipment. The only materials you need to clean the solar panels are the following:

  • Demineralized water.
  • Microfiber cloth.
  • Ladder or crane.

Although cleaning is usually a simple and easy procedure to perform, it is necessary to take certain precautions to avoid damaging the equipment and having to reinstall them. Keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • You should turn off the solar panels before starting to clean them to avoid possible mishaps such as burns or shorts.
  • It is advisable not to clean the equipment when there is intense sunlight or in the afternoon. You can wash before 9:00 am or after 6:00 pm.
  • Do not stand on the photovoltaic panels for any reason and do not exert too much pressure when cleaning the dirt.
  • Make sure that there are no loose wires or broken glass on the surface.
  • Try to rinse the microfiber cloth frequently and keep it clean. This helps keep dust from spreading to other areas.

How to clean solar panels properly?

This simple guide will help you clean solar panels easily and without damaging them. Remember that this equipment is very delicate, so be careful.

– Turn down the switch on the electric panel

When placing the solar panels in your home, the installer should have connected them to the electrical panel that supplies power to the entire house. In a proper installation, the panels should have their own switch on the panel.

This can be raised or lowered as required by the homeowner. So before you start cleaning your photovoltaic equipment, it is necessary to remove the power.

– Carefully check all equipment

Solar panels have a glass cover over their entire surface. Before starting to remove the dirt, it is necessary to look carefully at all the equipment in search of broken glass or exposed wires.

This step is of vital importance, as short circuits can occur when using water to clean the dust. In such cases it is best to stop and seek help from the installer.

– Use plenty of water

Once we are sure that the solar panels are disconnected and do not have any type of problem, it is time to start the cleaning process. With the help of the ladder or crane, climb up to the height of the panels and wet them with plenty of water.

Remember to use demineralized water to prevent patches from forming when the panels are completely dry. This will remove most of the dust.

– Clean all the panels

Using a microfiber cloth, start cleaning the solar panels carefully and gently. Do not exert too much pressure and try to make linear movements, always in the same direction.

The previous step of the water should have removed most of the accumulated dirt, so just go over the entire surface of the solar equipment with the microfiber cloth.

– Refinish the surface

At this point, your solar panels should be practically clean. But if you want them shiny, you can use another clean, damp microfiber cloth for the finishing touches.

You can use a glass cleaner to give the panels a shine. However, be careful that it is non-corrosive and suitable for use on surfaces in direct sunlight.

How often should solar panels be cleaned?

One of the great advantages of investing in and installing solar panels at home (in addition to the environmental benefits) is that they do not require maintenance for the first 25 years, which is the useful life of the photovoltaic panels. So you should not worry about calling a technician, unless a major problem occurs.

However, solar panels should be cleaned 2 or 3 times a year. It all depends on the area we are in. If you live in the city, once every 6 months is enough.

This will prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt that do not allow the equipment to work with the same performance. If you do not have time to do it, or your health prevents you from doing it yourself, do not worry, there are companies specialized in this type of work.

Dare to clean the solar panels of your home.

Now that you know the step-by-step guide to cleaning solar panels properly, it’s time to get out your favorite microfiber cloth and get to work. Remember that this kind of equipment does not require professional maintenance if you follow the necessary precautions. Just try to keep it free of dust and dirt to make the most of its benefits.


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