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4 Lockdown-Friendly Ways to Raise Money for a Good Cause

Home & Family4 Lockdown-Friendly Ways to Raise Money for a Good Cause

While lockdowns are mostly over, and most people are starting to get back into normal life after the COVID19 pandemic, there’s still a lot of uncertainty for many. People who are at, or live with somebody who may be at, a higher risk of catching COVID19 right now are still being very cautious when it comes to what they do and where they go. Because of this, if you want to raise money for a good cause, then it’s a good idea to consider some lockdown-friendly ideas that anybody will be able to take part in safely. Here are some of the best ideas to consider if you’re raising money for a charitable cause.

Text Messages

501c4 SMS fundraising campaigns with Tatango are an ideal option if you want to raise money for a good cause without putting people in a position where they might be worried to attend an event, for example. Text messages are simple and easy, and they have a great open rate since the majority of people have their phones on them these days almost, if not all, the time. You can easily ask people to donate to your cause with a quick text explaining what you are raising money for and why. You might also want to set up regular payments so that people who are interested in supporting your cause long-term can send a monthly donation; all of this can be arranged via text message.


If you want to raise some money for a charitable cause or non-profit that is close to you heart, but want a lockdown-friendly option, then asking people to sponsor you to do something might be an ideal option to consider. There is no end to things that you can be sponsored to do to raise money for your chosen cause. You might want to walk a certain number of miles in a month, do a sponsored silence, or live stream yourself playing video games for a full twenty-four hours. It all depends on what you are interested in, and what you are happy to do. Something challenging will usually help you get more donations.

Virtual Events

While charity fundraising events are back on in some parts of the country, it might be a bit risky to arrange a full fundraiser event right now since many people are not yet comfortable with being around large crowds of people. Instead, you might want to consider arranging a live, virtual charity fundraiser event that people can attend from the comfort of their own home to raise money for your cause.

Email and Social Media

Last but not least, email and social media are some of the most lockdown-friendly mediums out there, and if you want to get more people on board when it comes to supporting your cause, it’s definitely worth using both. You can run ads on social media that lead to a landing page where people can learn more how to donate, while you collect their email address and add it to a mailing list that you can send all the latest information to and get more support.

If you want to raise some money for a great cause, the good news is that you can do a lot of different things to fundraise without even leaving your house.

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