There’s something about tablets that just attracts children. They’re reactive, full of entertainment, and portable too, which makes them pretty much the perfect toy for any child. But children and screens are not always the best match, and before you get your child a tablet, you have to understand the implications. You also must assess whether your child is ready for one yet. So, is getting a tablet for a child a good idea?

It’s All About Control

Tablets in and of themselves are not good or bad. The most important factor is having control over how your child uses the tablet, which is not that difficult. There are tons of different parental control apps out there that will allow you to control everything from how much time your child can spend in front of the screen to the sites you allow them to visit. Some of them will also allow you to curate a list of sites and only allow your child to visit those sites.

You also have to set boundaries on behaviour and be strict with them. Children shouldn’t look at screens too close to bedtime as it may affect their sleep cycles, so cut tablet usage two hours before they go to bed. If you have a very young child, you also have to make sure that you’re in the same room whenever they’re using the tablet.

Tablets as Learning Tools

You should also know that tablets are perfect as learning tools. Children can learn about everything from typing to geography, and science to world history all from their tablets. It’s all about making sure that they have access to all the right resources.

Stock the tablet full of applications and add educational sites in the bookmarks so that they will appear on Google’s home page whenever they use the browser. Some of the apps you could consider include DoodleMaths and CK12 for mathematics, iTrace and LetterSchool for language, or Khan Academy for general learning.

The Danger of Tablets for Children

There are dangers associated with the usage of tables and screens and in general for children and you should make an effort to know what they are. Studies have shown that children will start experiencing development issues if they look at screens for too long each day. The general guideline is to not let children look at screens for more than two hours per day.

How to Pick the Right Tablet

Now that you’ve made up your mind about getting your child your tablet, you can start shopping for one. Pick a machine that is affordable and sturdy first and foremost. Don’t worry about performance too much but do pay attention to screen resolution and viewing angles.

Also, make sure that it has sufficient storage. There are kids learning tablets on the market that are made specifically for education, so picking one of these will make things easier for you if you don’t know what to look for.

Buying a tablet for a child could actually be a great decision, as long as they use it correctly. It will be your responsibility to keep usage under control and make sure that they only have access to things that will benefit them.


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