Kaleidescape, the “luxury Netflix” that allows you to watch more than 14,000 movies in the highest quality

Kaleidescape offers a high quality streaming service through a platform that offers specialized servers for filmmakers and people with high purchasing power. It allows downloading, local storage and playback of TV shows and movies at the highest quality, uncompressed, cinema-quality. The idea is simple: offer luxury cinema experiences at home… at a luxury price.

The so-called “luxury Netflix” offers a massive collection of content, which is stored locally without streaming and also offers Dolby Atmos multichannel lossless audio. In short, what it seeks is to allow filmmakers like Martin Scorsese, an avowed user of these devices, to enjoy the Seventh Art in the best conditions.

On its website, Kaleidescape makes clear the status of users who contract the platform. They have nothing less than a quote from Martin Scorsese, famed film director of works such as The Wolf of Wall Street or The Irishman in which he assures that with these solutions he can “curate a large library of movies over the years” and enjoy them in uncompressed 4K.

Its servers promise a copy of the film’s studio master audio that is completely identical to the original, in both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It has an audio bitrate, according to the firm, “10 times higher than any streaming service” and must be paired with high-end equipment to take advantage of all its capabilities, be they signal processors, amplifiers and acoustic treatments. Directly recommend hiring a sound engineer to design the installation without wasting its possibilities.

Many of the company’s devices consist of a player and a server, and are often sold in various combinations. One example is the 6-terabyte Kaleidescape Compact Terra server, which is installed in a side-by-side format, like any other computer server, and is often offered with a Strato C player. This device, for example, costs almost $8,000 and is the cheapest, excluding the playback room.

For example, the Terra Movie Server offers 48 or 72 terabyte options, and is capable of downloading 4K HDR movies in as little as 10 minutes. It can distribute to Strato C players up to 10 simultaneous plays in 4K HDR, and offers server rack mounts for mounting.

Kaleidescape’s platform allows its huge library of content to be offloaded to the server for Strato players to play back at maximum quality from the internal storage device. Of course, devices like the Strato S combine player and storage, and enjoy broad interoperability. For example, a Strato S can share content stored on its hard drives with a Strato C over the network.

However, it is also called “Netflix for the wealthy” for a reason. It needs equipment commensurate with this service, as the beauty of Kaleidescape is that it integrates with specialized room automation with dedicated equipment for it. Hence, only a few, such as film directors and wealthy people can afford it.

And the monthly fees?

Who cares! Anyone who can afford to spend $150,000 on a home theater in the basement of their mansion doesn’t care about the monthly fees.


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