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4 Genius Hacks for Plastic Hangers


The humble plastic hanger is something that often goes unnoticed in our life, apart from when there appear to be more hangers than there are clothes in your closet. However, behind their simple design is a world waiting to be discovered.

If you have a couple of hangers hanging around, or you are curious about what hacks are out there in general, you have come to the right place.

This piece is going to look at some genius hacks for plastic hangers so you can utilize each one you have and put them to great use.

Hang Clothes Fast

While this is not necessarily a hack, as you are using them for what they are designed for, there is a way in which you can use them to ensure you can hang up your clothes at 3 times the speed. If you prepare your shirts with your arm through the neck of every one you want to hang up, you can quickly slip that hole over the hook of the coat hanger and allow the shirt to fall over it – it is that simple.

Create Custom Coat Hangers

If you are stuck with a bunch of plain hangers when what you need is some with more grip or clips, then worry not. Use the plain hangers you have already as the body, and simply use a glue gun to create “notches” to make sure your clothes do not slip off. If you are feeling particularly creative, you could also hot glue some bulldog clips onto the ends of a hanger to allow you to grip additional clothes such as pants. Creative people could even decorate their hangers. Too far?

Use Ring Pulls to Create a Multiple Hanger

If you have many hangers and not a lot of space in your wardrobe, then resist the urge to stuff the clothes in and use this hack instead. Placing a ring pull around the hook of a hanger creates a new hole for you to put another hanger lower down. You can then repeat this as many times as you like to utilize the downward space in your closet when sideways is stuffed. Get yourself some hangers from mainetti.com and save your ring pulls to try out this hack.

Use a Clipped Hanger as a Note Clip

For those of us who prefer to work analogue rather than with a double screen, this hack is for you. Instead of looking down at your notes when you are using a computer, clip one side of a clipped hanger onto your laptop screen (or whatever you can) and then use the other clip to hold the notes/reminders/anything you need! You can also cut off these clips and use them individually to leave notes around the house or keep pieces of paper and coupons together.

These are just a few ways in which you can use hangers to create something else that is useful – when all your clothes are hung up of course.


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