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Remembering a Loved One in Unique and Beautiful Ways

Home & FamilyRemembering a Loved One in Unique and Beautiful Ways
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When you lose a loved one, you want to ensure that you retain their memories in any way that you can. As time passes by, you want to retain how they made you feel, and you want to hold those memories and moments as close to you – but how can you do this? How can you stop, pause, and remember?

Having a Day of Celebration

You may wish to hold a day of celebration in honor of them and who they were. The day of celebration could be held on their birthday, or it could be held in a month that was special to them. When you hold a day of celebration, you give all of those around the chance to reconnect and remember in one central place. Going through saved videos, notes, or memories can provide you with something to focus on and share throughout the day of celebration.

Keeping Them Close

If you want to remember a loved one by always keeping them close to you, then what can you do? Having them close by to talk to can give you extra comfort and peace at a time when you may need it the most. Start looking at decorative and commemorative Urns that can be kept in your home, or in a place that is special or important. Urns can be unique, handcrafted, and they can represent and reflect your loved one.

Having a Memorial Bench or Seating Area

If your loved one enjoyed spending time outdoors, then why not remember them by having a memorial bench or seating area? This could be located in your garden or yard area. Or, it could be located in an area they loved – perhaps within the local community. When you have something physical, such as a bench or a seating area to go to, you may find it easier to reflect and remember. Having the opportunity to disconnect from the world around you and then reconnect with your loved ones, surrounded by nature, could be beneficial for you, and for those others that have lost someone close to them.

Sharing and Writing a Memorial

You may find that remembering a loved one is easier to do when you share what you are feeling and thinking. For example, writing a memorial and sharing it with others (or even making it public) may be beneficial for you. Every time you re-read a memorial, or every time you share it with others is an opportunity to remember. You may well get the opportunity to relive those treasured and beautiful memories you made and shared, and this can be soothing for you.

Planting a Garden or Tree in Their Name

When you go for a walk, or you step out into your yard, wouldn’t it be nice to see something that reminds you of your loved one? When you plant a garden, or you plant a tree in memory, you can have this. Over time, gardens will evolve, trees will grow, and they will leave a lasting impression on you, and on others too.

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