Dummy security cameras could void your home or business insurance

Steve Strong

Often the expense of a surveillance system can put many people off of purchasing and leave their property or premises vulnerable to theft or attack. It is common known that if any would be criminal sees a property with security or a property without they are more likely to go for the easy target. With this in mind even if you do not have the money to finance a complete system it is possible to buy dummy security cameras, these make for a brilliant alternative and are a must have for many people. The systems look just like their real counterparts and act as the perfect deterrent for any would be nuisance caller or would be burglar. Most people would not recognize a live system from a bogus one and this is the beauty of them. The majority of the systems look and feel just like the real thing, they have identical external casings with wiring, cables and markings which you would expect to find.

Since many of the dummy security cameras have become ever more sophisticated just like the real ones and now can be bought with a host of features. Motion sensors can be found on them and they act just like the real ones and would fool most people, other features include lights that flash or blink to give the impression that they are recording or live. Many are branded with stickers and other factual information to further deter the intruder. Some locations or buildings would not make suitable places to have these camera systems and it is important that careful consideration is taken before considering fake cameras.

In many offices or business premises real cameras are a necessity with health and safety grounds and also the protection of the goods. Fake systems will not provide the owner with any information should a building be broken into or damaged, and will only act as a deterrent.

The main reason and probably the only reason that anyone would purchase a dummy system is on cost. The majority of businesses that are most likely to use security cameras will have stock or equipment that needs to be protected and the dummy security cameras will do the job unless a break in occurs. Many businesses will not be insured and the goods would not be insured if the security systems are not live and providing active real protection. For the everyday homeowner then dummy security cameras could be enough to prevent a potential burglar, it would be highly unlikely that if you did get burgled any contents and your home insurance payouts would be prevented because you have security cameras. Be careful to check your insurance policies carefully and do not declare that you have a real live active security camera system in place when you in fact do not. You would be likely to pay reduced insurance premiums, but run the risk that if you do need to make a claim that your insurance would be invalidated due to inaccurate information.

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