Bars and barstools in the home – A brief history

Ben Weissman

While we don't often think about where the idea for certain furniture and décor came from, it's obvious that all ideas originated somewhere. The same is true of barstools in the home. Certainly there haven't always been bars and bar stools in the home, but where did the idea come from? Well, the basic idea begins with wood bar stools used in secret during the years of prohibition.

While bars and bar seating have been around since the Roman era, the use of such items within the home really only go back as far as the 1920's. At this time in history, alcohol was banned entirely by the United States government, and moonshine, or illegal beverage production, became one big business. At the same time, people needed a place to enjoy the fruits of such labors, and the speak easy, or a secret basement bar, became that outlet. Individuals would open up a bar in their home, using metal bar stools and building a bar at which customers could come and drink their fill, despite the legal issues attached to the act.

Of course, these were highly illegal, and it was necessary to be quiet and secretive about them. Therefore, many of the people who ran them would require a certain "knock" or other signal from customers in order to allow them into their "blind pig" or speak easy. Also, acquiring the equipment to run such a facility could be difficult without getting in trouble. Often, discount bar stools and used equipment would be acquired in a less than up front fashion, and the speak easy was not always furnished with the best of equipment. However, they were usually comfortable enough and provided a place to continue life as it used to be in a typical bar environment.

Contemporary bar stools and bars in the home really became popular in the 1950's, based on the décor of the old speak easy, though liquor production had been legal again for decades. Still, the idea provided the comfort and reminiscence of the bar environment in the home. Today, people choose to have bars and barstools in the home for luxury and design purposes. There are so many different styles of stools from which to choose that you can develop any design and look that you desire in the home, whether looking for retro style furniture that resembles the old speak easy style, a traditional design, or modern décor.

There are also a whole line of novelty bar stools from Western to Auto Related to Sports related. You can also find many kinds that can bring a sense of nostalgia to your bar area. Bar stools are great for relaxing and entertaining. They give great flexibility to complement any personality.

In choosing an ideal bar stool, one must not sacrifice style and comfort. There are many manufacturers which offers a wide selection of affordable bar stools that will suit your preference. Modern bar stools are perfect in giving your home a new twist.

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