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Shifting to a New House and need a place to store your belongings? Remodeling your home and want to move your stuff out of the way? Or maybe you want to sell your house and want it empty for prospective buyers?

PODS or Portable on Demand Storage is the solution to all your problems. PODS were founded in January 1998 in Clearwater, Florida. It is the brainchild of Peter War Hurst, Roy Courtney, David Revelia and Bill Ash.

The concept of a Portable Storage Container was pioneered by PODS. The PODS containers are brought to your home and you load it yourself, taking as much time as you need. The PODS containers are kept at floor level which makes packing easier. Once the PODS containers are packed, you call their staffs who load the boxes on to their moving vehicles nicknamed "Podzilla".

The PODS containers are locked with your own padlocks giving you complete control of your possessions. The containers are kept in the Local Warehouse for storage until the customer needs it again. A PODS provides moving options for Long Distance as well as Local Distance moves.

Recently, the PODS service also extended to include a Portable Shelter. The portable shelter includes a Generator, Bathroom and Kitchen and can house up to 5 people for one month. These special shelters serve as Emergency Shelters or Workstations in emergencies. Or, they can be utilized by those who have moved to a new place but have not yet found a place to stay.

The PODS containers have a steel frame with the interiors made of marine grade wood. The container floor is kept 4 inches above the ground and the roof is made of translucent plastic to enable light to enter from above. There is a roll up door at one end. The containers are certified sturdy and weather resistant. They can withstand a wind velocity of up to 110 miles per hour while they are partially full.

PODS are basically a combination of a Moving Truck and Storage Unit. It is more convenient since you don't have to drive a huge truck all over the city. The boxes are kept at ground level for easy packing and there are no time constraints

PODS containers are easy to book. They can be delivered to you within 24 hours. The PODS are loaded onto the trucks using a hydraulic lift which keeps the containers from being tilted. So, there is no chance of your things falling over one another or getting damaged.

PODS storage is convenient for business people too. You can store your extra inventories, seasonal items, special event materials and even documents in PODS without fear of damaging them.

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