Weather vane – Just the outdoor accessory to make your house stand out

Jesse Akre

As you look down your street, you realize that every house on your block is pretty similar. Sure, that can be nice, but maybe you want yours to stand out a little bit. Well, there is an easy way to do it and it doesn't involve painting or remodeling. All you have to do is purchase a weather vane for your home.

Really, a weather vane is a great option for making your home stand out from the rest. How is this possible you might be asking? There are actually a couple of different reasons really, the first of which is that there are many stylish options to choose from. For example, maybe you are really into hunting and fishing. You could go with one that is in the shape of a bear, another that looks like a goose, and even one that is in the shape of a rainbow trout. Or, maybe you are into airplanes, then a great choice for you would be hi-wing plane or even a low in plane if you like.

The style options with a weather vane does not stop there either. A few other selections include nautical options like sailboats and lighthouses, additional animals including horses, chickens, and any other animal you might want, and you can even get collegiate ones that are in the shape of your team's logo.

Another thing that makes a weather vane such an appealing outdoor accessory is the lovely materials that it can be crafted from. One of the most popular materials is copper, which has a bright shiny appearance when new and over time weathers to a beautiful patina or verdigris color. Along with copper, there are other stunning material choices too and they are aluminum and steel, the both of which have nice shining appearances and can even be hand painted to create unique looking selections.

Now you might not know it, but a weather vane also comes in different sizes. Like, if you wanted to put one on the roof of your house, then you would go with a full bodied larger one. However, if you want to put one on a deck rail or in a garden, then a smaller one that isn't full bodied would be the way to go. There are medium sized versions as well, ideal for putting on garages, and a fantastic way to see all the choices is by hitting the internet for some online shopping. You can breeze through all the choices without much trouble at all and what's great is that when you do come across something you like, it will generally be at the best prices possible. Plus, your selection will be shipped right to your home. Basically, shopping has never been so convenient.

In the end, if you want your home to be a little different from everyone else's, make sure that it is in a good way. And, a great way for doing just that is with a beautiful weather vane. There are a ton of eye-catching selections to choose from that will have everyone looking at your house for all the right reasons.

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