Specific uses for the canister vacuum cleaner

Dave Roth

When people think of a vacuum cleaner, they usually think of the upright style. It is the common kind of vacuum cleaner that most people have in their homes. Some people, when they have a multi-story home or a very large home, will have a central vacuum system. For the others, however, there is the canister vacuum cleaner. This is designed to be used in homes where there is a lot of hardwood or tile. Primarily, the canister vacuum cleaner is used on rugs. It can, however, also be used on draperies and upholstery. Homes with expensive furnishings often have a canister vacuum cleaner, as well as homes that are much older and therefore generally have hardwood floors instead of wall to wall carpet. The canister vacuum cleaner is not designed to be used on carpeted floors because the suction that it has is not strong enough.

The canister vacuum cleaner, however, has a lot of good points and it can be a very good choice for the consumer who does not have a carpeted home. Even though a canister vacuum cleaner does not produce the suction needed for the wall to wall carpet found in many homes, it does provide good cleaning for hard floors and area rugs. These rugs can be hard to clean, and using an upright vacuum on them is not a good choice. The strength of the suction can damage delicate and older rugs. Some of these have small tassels and other intricate pieces which can be destroyed quite easily. By making sure that the rug is treated well and carefully with a canister vacuum cleaner, the individuals who clean the rug will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Another reason that a canister vacuum cleaner is so important for some households is that it is often used on fine draperies and upholstery. The newer curtains and furniture that can be purchased in the retail chain stores generally do not need to be cleaned in this way. However, the more expensive furniture and draperies, as well as the older furniture and draperies that have been in families for many years, are generally cleaned with a canister vacuum cleaner. They work well for removing hair and dirt, but their suction is not so strong as to damage any of the fibers or fabrics that they come into contact with. Because of this, they are often used by those who have fine and expensive things and know that they must work to take care of them.

The canister vacuum cleaner also has a long life span. It is generally not used as extensively as an upright vacuum cleaner, so it often remains strong and works well for many years. Upright vacuum cleaners wear out quite quickly unless they are very expensive brands. The cheaper brands have a warranty, but most people do not bother to have them repaired. Instead, they simply throw them away and get a new one. With a canister vacuum cleaner, however, there is a good chance that the person will repair it and continue to use it.

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