Back plates – Brining them back into your home

Jesse Akre

Throughout history, there have been times when fashion, design and culture backslide a bit. For example, the hip, swinging, martini shaken sophisticates of the 1950s gave way to the counter culture of the hippy generation. Ties were replaced by tie dyed and the world was never the same.

Of course, this happens in homes as well. In the 70's, everything seemed to come in three main colors: Harvest Gold, Burnt Orange and Avocado. Thankfully, stainless, black and white have returned to favor.

Some good ideas go out of style for absolutely no good reason. Such is the case with back plates. Once a common fixture in turn-of-the-century homes, back plates added elegance and beauty of doorways throughout the home. Some back plates were adorned with glass or crystal door knobs; others had keyholes that peering eyes had a way of finding.

Of course, back plates can still be fashionable today, even in a modern home. They are still on the market and come in so many finishes and styles that there's bound to be something to please just about everyone, even the most discerning homeowner.

The choice is really up to you. Whether you want to add some historical flair to your door with ornate or highly embellished back plates or simply want to keep dirty hands from ruining the finish on the door (the reason why back plates were popular to begin with), you can add back plates affordable and easily to every door in your home.

If you've decided a modern finish is for you, you'll want to keep with a back plate with contemporary lines. If you plan on keeping your existing knobs or door levers, be sure the back place complements it in terms of finish and material.

If you plan on replacing the knobs, then you can really enjoy the experience that awaits you. Back plates have come roaring back into fashion in recent years, as homeowners stretch their imaginations and create a home that is as much as retreat as it is a living space. The growth in the home décor and do-it-yourself projects has made it easy to redecorate your entire home, right down to the hardware on your doors and cabinets.

When considering back plates for your home, start by looking at the knobs first. It's far easier to match a knob you like with a back plate than the other way around. You want both to complement the doors you have, so be sure you give that consideration. If the door knob and back plate look out of place on your door, no amount of money is going to be able to fix this. Be a wise shopper and design with this in mind. Otherwise, you'll find yourself blaming the back plate when it could be the knob.

If you're aiming for a period feel, plan on getting levers or glass knobs. These would have been found in homes of the Victorian era. A back plate with a faux keyhole will capture the period perfectly, while keeping the prying eyes of mischievous children from invading your privacy.

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