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Elder care at home in exchange for free room

Lidia Nash

Many college graduates won't be able to find work near their home this year. In order to get a job, they will need to venture out to a new city, state or country. Moving to a new place can be a very expensive proposition. It's catch 22. You need a job to rent an apartment, pay your utility bills, get a car and furnish your new place but you can't get a job if you a not available to show up for an interview on a short notice. Also, when your resume shows an address that is hours away from your employer you are likely to be bypassed for a local candidate.

Seniors live in their spacious, family homes and they would like to keep it this way. Moving to a nursing home is a last resort. It is also a very expensive proposition.

Matching elderly in need of care with young people looking for free accommodations is a win-win for all. A graduate can split her time between looking for a job, attending job fairs, interviewing and helping out her host with various household chores. Running errands, driving an elderly for her doctor's appointments, grocery shopping or yard work are highly needed chores that are not a big deal for a twenty year old but are a very difficult task for an eighty year old. Aside from the practical aspect of the arrangement there might be additional benefits for both parties. Having an instant companionship can be beneficial for both parties. Elderly are often lonely with their kids living far away and their spouses long gone. Young person can be overwhelmed by loneliness in big, strange city or a foreign country.

Becoming a part-time care give in exchange for free room and board can help everyone involved. Once a young person finds a new job, she might want to pay off her college loans and save some money for a new car, new furniture and new place to live. Thus, this short term arrangement can last for a number of years leaving everybody a winner.

Elder care exchange for free room If you are moving abroad the added benefit of the arrangement is an opportunity to learn a foreign language the painless way. No sitting in the classroom, no tuition bill to pay, no boring homework assignments. Just listen and talk, talk and listen. This type of arrangement would allow you to learn a foreign language quickly and easily. You would never accomplish the same results sitting in the classroom at you home country.

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About the Author
Lidia Nash, CPA, CITP is the Founder of Host & Care - a global community that connects students, singles, unemployed and travelers looking for free accommodations with families and seniors looking for care. Young people provide few hours of free child care, tutoring, elderly or home care in exchange for free accommodations. Register for free at http://hostandcare.com/ to save time, money, help yourself and someone else in need.

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