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Creating a Bathroom Built for Two
Traffic jams should happen on the highway, not in your bathroom. But according to a survey conducted by Moen Incorporated, the reality is that more than half of master bathrooms are less than 75 square-feet -- forcing most couples to make do with limited space.

Make Over Your Bathroom or Kitchen Without Removal and Replacement
Americans are caught up in the makeover craze, but as much as they'd like to remove and replace the avocado green tubs, pink tile and yellow countertops that abound in homes built in the 60s and 70s, they shy away from the idea because of the expense.

Your Dog's Health; Why Dog Breath is No Laughing Matter
Your dogs health is important to you. You don't skimp on the quality of his food. But if he has bad breath, you could be overlooking a serious problem with your dogs health. "Dog Breath" is a common condition, but it is not normal. Learn about it in this article.

Grow Carnivorous Plants with Conviction
In high school, my music teacher taught us that if you are going to make a mistake, do it with conviction. The same is true with growing carnivorous plants. Your confidence in providing the right growing environment will show in your plants.

How To Grow Luscious Tomatoes
The tomato is the most commonly grown vegetable in the States. Here are some tips on how to grow your own bountiful crop of tomatoes. Tomatoes should be grown in full sunlight. Tomato plants require abundant moisture...

How to Introduce Art into Your Garden
Although our gardens have always teemed with nature's artistic palette -- truly they are already natural works of art -- in the last decade gardeners have seen artists and craftsmen creating objects of distinction solely for garden spaces.

A Few Tips for Drying Up Home Moisture Problems
It's an enemy many homeowners continuously battle. An intruder that can't be seen or heard but is felt lurking throughout their homes…moisture. Homes with excessive moisture are susceptible to many problems: musty odours, peeling paint...

Gardening without a Garden
If you're one of the countless people for whom a full-fledged garden isn't a possibility, you don't have to give up the vision of bountiful blooms and fresh produce. There are options available to provide everyone with a way to grow.

Do-it-yourselfer's Guide to Roof Maintenance
The next time you step outside, take a good look at the roof over your home. Are there trees touching it? Do you see loose or damaged shingles? Are some of them covered with black streaks? If so, your roof is well overdue for a maintenance checkup.

Mouldings Make Decorating Magic
Homeowners looking for a fast, easy way to improve a room should consider adding mouldings. It's more dramatic than just painting and most projects can be completed in as little as a weekend.

Get the Most Out of Your Machines with Easy Maintenance
Often overlooked or put off until later, preventative maintenance on mowers and outdoor power equipment should be priority number one before you begin spring outdoor projects. Preventative maintenance is essential because it helps ensure the safety of the operator

Beyond Paint -- How to Makeover a Kitchen on a Budget
So you've just spent almost all your savings buying a home, or dropped a few months rent making the move to a new apartment. More space, lots of possibilities, but the kitchen is an eyesore.

Flower Power! Wave, the Flower that Revolutionized Petunias, Turns 10
The number one petunia in the world, Wave is still a garden favorite but don't think it is anything like your grandmother's petunias. These easy to grow flowers deliver huge "wow" appeal without a lot of fuss.

Preventing Septic Tank System problems
The septic system in the average home, with two baths and three occupants will process over 85,000 gallons of wastewater annually. All of this wastewater passes through the septic tank, and into the drain field, where bacteria in the soil purifies the waste.

Light Up Your Garden And Brighten Your Life
The garden is fast being considered to be an extension to your living space and homeowners are putting as much effort into creating a harmonious environment outside as they are inside.

Don't Let the Sun Set on Your Beautiful Home
The décor inside your home can say a lot about your taste. When guests enter, your choice of furnishings indicates whether you are traditional, stylish, trendy, or contemporary.

Protect Your Family Against Nuisance Mosquitoes
Summer is here and warm weather brings the joys of backyard barbeques, baseball games and lazy days spent relaxing on the front porch. But with these enjoyable activities can come some unwanted pests: mosquitoes.

7 Good Reasons to Have Your Cat Spayed or Neutered
Every year, many cat owners decide to get their cat spayed or neutered. This decision is made for several different reasons, all of which illustrate why it is such a good idea.

Tile for Every Style
Flooring makes a huge difference to the final appearance of any space-- after all, it's literally the foundation for your whole design scheme. Ceramic tile and natural stone floors, with their wide range of colors and styles, are a perfect way to jazz up any interior.

Thinking of Getting a Lhasa Apso Dog?
One of the cutest looking dogs around is the Lhasa Apso. The puppies especially are just irresistible but before one decides to purchase a Lhasa, there are some things that should be known about this particular breed.