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Jellyfish with tiny jets can turn on a dime

Colonial jellyfish have an unusual feature: multiple water-shooting jets. This simple but elegant system makes them great swimmers. A single colonial siphonophore (Nanomia bijuga) resembles...




4 simple tips for beginner drone flight

If you have never flown a radio-controlled aircraft before buying your first drone, there will be a lot you need to learn before taking...

4 tips for maintaining your oven

Ovens are often overlooked during routine kitchen cleaning. Many people consider ovens tedious to work on, as grime and burnt food can become caked...

Everyday efficiency – Saving advice

Money makes the world go round but it doesn't always work, if I had a penny for every time I heard somebody talking about...


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Recycling for small retailers: what you need to know

If you run a small retail business, you need to be thinking about the planet. The retail sector is one of the largest producers...

The Different Shoring Equipment Pieces You May Need to Rent

Each construction project needs specific pieces of equipment and tools to get a job done properly, following industry standards. The same is true for...
Front door

Make the Right Choices for Your Front Door, and Let It Reflect Your Personality

First impressions count; whether that is the impression you make in an interview or the impression you give to visitors to your home. Though...


Men and women have different perspective about infidelity

A recently published study shows how men and women are upset by sexual and emotional infidelity and yes, as suspected, men are more irritated...