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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bottled up sand builds better homes for refugees

TINDOUF, Algeria - With a master’s degree in energy efficiency, Sahrawi refugee Tateh Lehbib Breica had originally planned to build an energy efficient home...




The missing Argentine submarine approaches the limit of the tragedy

Today is six days since the last contact with the Argentine submarine ARA "San Juan" that disappeared on his return trip to Mar del...

How to market a digital subscription service

Starting a digital subscription service seems like a simple business model, but many businesses fail at it. For the service to work and bring...

Can meditation replace sleep?

Meditation has been much vaunted recently. Big names like Katy Perry, Madonna, and Hugh Jackman all sing its praises, as do the millions of...




Simple steps to becoming a successful blogger

5 simple steps to becoming a successful blogger

You want to become a blogger? Do you know what it takes to avoid losing interest along the way? This piece tells you all...

5 Of The Best Elderly Characters On The TV

"How this country thinks of older people and relates to older people, and how older people think of themselves ... is directly affected by...

This Is How Businesses Fail Due to Poor Management

Have you ever heard that businesses don’t fail, but leaders do? Whatever way you say it, the fact remains that 8 out of 10...


What Makes a Good Healthcare Lawyer?

Legal proceedings can be very tricky. There is usually a lot of very complicated language that the average person is not able to understand....