Old man feeding pigeons

Why do some people reach a hundred years old? Because of their genes, because...

When it comes to living to the ripe old age of 100, good genes help but don’t tell the full story. Where you live...

How to pick where to heal after hip fracture

Choosing a skilled nursing facility for an elderly loved one who breaks a hip can be hard on caregivers, but a new study suggests...
Joe Biden

Biden officially named president, but Trump insists on revoking U.S. election

Joe Biden is now officially the president-elect of the United States following the November 3 presidential election and after the Electoral College recognized his...

How Product Recalls Are Ruining the Holidays

While some families around the country are experiencing the post-holiday blues, many more are starting to see red. Americans everywhere are just learning about...

The Different Shoring Equipment Pieces You May Need to Rent

Each construction project needs specific pieces of equipment and tools to get a job done properly, following industry standards. The same is true for...

21st eclipse NASA tool

Check out what the today's eclipse will look like in any area of the world As many of you will know, today will be the...
Crowded beaches Memorial Day

Millions of people crowd U.S. beaches without worrying about coronavirus

Memorial Day arrived, the day the United States celebrates its war dead. One of the most important national holidays in the calendar. This year...

Everything You Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act

Figuring out how the law affects your ongoing health and healthcare plan can be overwhelming at times, but understanding the basic facts about Obamacare...

Ideas for your pet’s name

You’ve picked out the perfect puppy. You spent hours on the internet, researching the right breed for you and your family. Then you went...
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The rise and fall of five famous rock and roll stars

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Online businesses and digital marketers have never had as many high quality tools available to help them become more efficient and professional as they...

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One of the biggest controversies in recent months regarding the Google Play Store was Epic Games' refusal to include Fortnite, one of the most...

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