Family Coworking: benefits for parents with children

The balance between professional and personal life brings happiness to families. But this balance is not always easy to achieve. Nor is it easy to achieve when working from home and teleworking is marked...
Manaus Brazil

A city in Brazil could have achieved group immunity for COVID-19

The Brazilian city of Manaus, which months ago had its health and funeral services collapsed by the new coronavirus pandemic, could have achieved herd immunity with 66% of its population infected, according to a...
380 whales die stranded in Australia

380 whales die stranded in Australia and another 70 are rescued

A total of 70 of the 470 pilot whales stranded in South Australia have been rescued so far, while another 380 have died, local authorities reported Thursday. The Tasmanian Government's Marine Conservation Program, an island...
Eiffel Tower

Evacuation in the Eiffel Tower in Paris due to bomb threat, according to witnesses

The Paris police have had to evacuate the Eiffel Tower in the French city because of a bomb threat, according to several witnesses on French social networks and media, on Wednesday after a call...
Google search

Google Trends shows a major jump in searches related to anxiety and panic attacks...

The researchers used Google search data to examine trends in mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and based on that search, say panic attacks could be affecting millions. They used Google Trends to analyze an...
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, paradise on earth

Few places in the world have received as many beautiful qualifications as Sri Lanka. Its variety of landscapes and cultures, the cordiality of its people of different races and religions, its extraordinary richness in...
Coronavirus Europe

The second wave of the COVID-19 hits Europe

The second wave of the coronavirus lands in Europe. As predicted by many epidemiologists and medical institutions, after the hiatus experienced by the summer vacations, the COVID-19 has been noticed and the number of...
California wildfires

California still on fire: North Los Angeles fire doubles in size

The fire that has been raging out of control for two weeks in the Los Angeles National Forest, northeast of the city, doubled in size due to the high temperatures over the weekend and...
Woman sleeping naked

No joy of life? Try sleeping longer

Lack of sleep, unfortunately, affects us in our daily lives. Beyond the fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability or clumsiness that produces not enough sleep, there are also studies that support that lack of sleep...

WhatsApp ‘Online’ status monitoring applications

WhatsApp is a service on which bad or illegitimate intentions continually fall. At a high level, there are companies that are dedicated to find failures in order to offer espionage as a service. This...