DeepMind has created the most complete map of human proteins to date using AI:...

The DeepMind research lab has created what is probably its greatest achievement to date: the most complete map of human proteins. Using artificial intelligence, they have been able to predict with great accuracy the...
Linux Mint desktop

The Ubuntu-based Linux distributions you should try out

There is little to say about Ubuntu that we don't already know. It is one of the most popular Linux distributions and behind it is Canonical, a company that today offers services and products...
Pistol that killed Billy the Kid

The Colt revolver that Sheriff Pat Garrett used to kill Billy the Kid is...

One of the most revered weapons of the American Wild West, the gun used to kill the 19th century outlaw Billy the Kid, will be auctioned this August. The revolver, Sheriff Pat Garrett's Colt,...
Duckduckgo logo

The new trick to prevent your e-mails from being spied on and tracked

Nothing is free on the Internet, and when it seems that something is, you are paying for it with your information. In recent years, users have become increasingly concerned about keeping their data out...
Empty shelves UK

Stock-outs and chaos return to British supermarkets: Brexit and pandemic to blame

The shelves of countless supermarkets across the UK are appearing empty due to a major supply chain crisis. The problem is not due to a shortage of food, but of truck drivers. It is a...
Pouchen factory Vietnam

Virus paralyzes supplier factories of major companies such as Nike and Adidas in Vietnam

The largest outbreak of covid-19 that Vietnam has experienced since the beginning of the pandemic is affecting the production of suppliers of large textile and footwear companies, which have had to reduce or paralyze...
The last of us HBO

HBO goes all out with ‘The Last of Us’ series

At the beginning of July, several members of The Last of Us series production confirmed the start of filming. While some reports indicated that the premiere could take place during the first half of...

Pegasus: 50,000 people hacked, including many journalists and opponents

The extent of the Pegasus spyware, from the controversial Israeli NSO Group, was suspected but unconfirmed. And although the company still does not disclose details about its clients, an investigation by media such as...
UK restrictions lifted

Boris Johnson lifts all restrictions with 50,000 contagions per day

The long-awaited day has arrived in England, but perhaps not at the best time. After almost a year and a half of waiting, the English are celebrating what they have been demanding for so...
Home Air Filter

Save money every year by properly maintaining your home’s air filter

Your in-home HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is a discipline of engineering upon its own. Many take for granted how this system works to provide a comfortable living environment for families year round....