Joe Biden inauguration wristwatch

What do Americans think of the watch Biden wore during his inauguration?

It was the day when everyone was going to scrutinize his movements, his clothes and his words, the big day of his inauguration as president of the United States in which no detail was...

Professions That Can Come in Handy While Traveling

  Each choice of profession has its own utility in everyday life. As a profession, all those skills and abilities have been acquired with years of experience and can be applied in our daily activities....
Athens street

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving to Greece

  In today's article we will see why Greece is a place chosen by so many travellers not only as a tourist destination, but also as a place to reside. Here are the pros and...
Tourist with hat taking photos

4 Tips to Protect Your Skin During Trips to Sunny Destinations

Tanned skin can make us feel thinner and more impressive. However, excessive sun exposure can cause irreparable damage and burns if we are not careful enough. Of course, the fact that the sun is...

4 Reasons to Visit Athens on Your Next Trip

Greece is one of the most complete and special countries for tourism; whether you want to know the history of the great heroes and gods of these lands, or see some of the best...
Maduro Carvativir

Maduro presents Carvativir, “miraculous drops” that “neutralize” the coronavirus

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro presented this Sunday some drops that he described as "miraculous" and which, he assured, neutralize COVID-19 by 100% when used every four hours. "Having received the official sanitary permit from the...
Vladimir Putin

The most expensive palace in the world for Czar Putin in Google Maps

"The most expensive palace in the world". The description falls short of the majesty of the mansion belonging to Vladimir Putin and which, for the first time, has been uncovered to the world by...
Content words

What is Google EAT and how does it influence SEO?

During the year 2020 many business sectors came to a complete standstill, but not some major technology companies. Among them, Google has been one of the most active, although some of its major innovations have...
Tour Eiffel Paris France

France imposes mandatory PCR test to enter the country by plane

France will impose from next Monday the presentation of a negative PCR test performed in the previous 72 hours to all European travelers who want to enter the country by plane, announced Thursday the...

Malwarebytes has received a hacker attack, but it has not affected its customers. Who...

When we see that large companies dedicated to computer security are also victims of hacker attacks, we come to the conclusion that no one is safe. Malwarebytes is one of the largest security companies in...