Windows 11

Microsoft will allow Windows 11 to be installed on non-compliant PCs

Microsoft mentioned that it will allow users to install Windows 11 on computers that do not meet the minimum requirements for installation. It won't be a method it recommends or offers as an option, but...
Old woman

Would You Be Happier and More Comfortable If You Made The Move To Assisted...

Living in your own home for as long as you can is the ultimate goal for many, but sometimes, the need to move out and into a better living environment is essential. No matter what...

How to turn your mobile phone into a webcam

There is no doubt about the advances that have been made in recent times in mobile photography, achieving better and better results, and that those interested can also apply to their video call sessions...
Kabul bombings

Kabul bombings kill 110 civilians and 13 US troops

At least 110 civilians and 13 US Armed Forces soldiers have been killed in a string of attacks on Kabul airport claimed by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group. US intelligence had warned of an...
Spiderman No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home hasn’t even been released yet, but it’s already smashed some...

Avengers: Endgame can boast some of the most astonishing records in the world of cinema. However, a film is on the way that could threaten its reign. We are, of course, referring to Spider-Man:...
Alexei Navalni

Navalni describes Putin as a “historic mistake” in first interview after imprisonment

Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalni has described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "mistake and a historical accident" that "sooner or later" will be "corrected" when the country opts for "European and democratic development",...
DNA helix

What is the CRISPR technique and what are its applications?

Genetics is the science that deals with the study of genes, as well as DNA and RNA molecules. This field has made significant advances in recent years, developing tools that allow the modification of...
Call of Duty Vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard alpha test runs 27-29 August on PlayStation

We now know when the new Call of Duty is coming to PC and consoles, along with a lot of information about Sledgehammer's return to the helm of the franchise. COD Vanguard is coming...
Hurricane Henri

Hurricane Henri’ leaves at least 22 dead in Tennessee

Hurricane Henri is causing panic in the United States. Heavy rains, thunderstorms and floods are the main effects of the hurricane, which started just a few hours ago but is already hitting the North...
Killer whales

The strange behaviour of killer whales in southern Spain that intrigues researchers

A Spanish Maritime Rescue service boat had to come to the rescue of a sailing vessel on 9 August that had reported an incident with a killer whale 11 miles south of the Spanish...