4 Ways to Breathe Life Back into Boring Barbeques

Market research figures show that 18.5 million adults in the UK own a barbeque, and that they will hold several barbeques each summer. If...
RideOn goggles

RideOn goggles, smartglasses from another point of view

Technology industry is searching desperately for the next big thing. Now everyone has a smartphone and/or a tablet powerful enough to spend (or waste)...
Employees salary

Your Employee’s Salary Is Hard To Determine Properly

There are hundreds of thousands of small companies out there that do not properly pay the people that work there. This is something that...

Sydney Sisters take the Stage

There is much more to Natasha, 19, and Alexandra, 20, than meets the eye. While they're both steadily forging paths into the commercial and entertainment...
Healthier life

How Changing your Habits can Lead to a Healthier Life

I'm not the guy who likes New Year's resolutions. I'm not the one planning to change, go on a diet I don't really believe...
Customers retention

Four Must Haves for a Customer Retention Loyalty Program

The popularity of reward and loyalty programs increased in recent years and moved from the retail sector to other industries. Casinos, hotels and other...
Working space

Creating an Efficient Work Environment

Whether you telecommute or manage a large office, first priority is always an efficient working environment. If your office or workspace isn’t conducive to...
Garden gnomes

The fun of having garden gnomes

The concept of Garden Gnomes is pretty old and the people used to think that the gnomes would be lucky garden keeper and would...
Asteroids outpost

Asteroids is here again!

If you're in the forties, you've played Asteroids and maybe you still have some great tactics to develop to quickly turn around yourself while...

Your lifespan could be written in your DNA

Although it was always told that science mission was to give us responses about life, it seems to have reached a border where maybe...