Trace app

Mobile app converts a sketch into a set of walking directions

This curious app let's you have fun with a friend or a lover: you can send him/her a set of directions and he/she will...

How gaming apps have become a market leader in the mobile industry

Mobile phones have become one of the most in-demand gadgets in the electronics industry, with millions of people across the world clamouring for the...

Water could have come to Earth with asteroids, new evidence found

The origen of Earth's water is a question with not one single response. While some scientists think the water was in the early mass...
Smartphones in developing countries

Compatibility of Mobile Games in Smartphones in Some Developing Countries

People all over the world have smartphones, but they are different in the way that they are used and how new they are. You...
Wallet full of pounds

What Do Britons Spend Their Money on? New Research by Money Saving Website

Recent research by UK money saving website has revealed that the spending habits of the average Briton varies dramatically depending on where they...
Business loans

A wide array of loans for meeting your commercial needs during tough times

The economy of our nation is going through a tough phase and hence individuals, households and businessmen should always be aware and cautious about...
Mobile marketing

Why Mobile Marketing is Vital for E-Cig Companies

The advance of mobile technology has changed the way that people not only stay in touch, keep up with the news and manage their...

Vaping Is Less Harmful Than Smoking, Says FDA, But Still Needs to be Regulated

'Vaping', that is, the practice of using electronic cigarettes, has been an option for smokers for years now, and has developed quite a following,...
Peanut allergy

Risk for peanut allergic children is lower in the school

It doesn't seem to be logical at first sight but home is more dangerous than school for peanut allergic children. It's not only a...

Haunted Bars and Pubs in London

London is a city filled with ancient history, having been around long before even the Romans. There have been battles, fires, sicknesses and pestilences,...