Environmental stress explains why some people suffers hereditary heart disease and some don’t

We all suppose the stress is a trigger for heart disease but we always thought the kind of stress causing infarction was just suffered...
Car steering

Inexplicable jerkiness when we steer a vehicle, finally explained

Sometimes we all discover how much from our behaviour is determined by something we can't realize. This time, it's the speed we turn the...
Alstom building

The french trains company Alstom, fined with $772 million, the largest-ever foreign bribery resolution

If you sometime thought about how the big companies make business around the world, this resolution of the Department of Justice can open your...
Magnetic field in the galactic plane

Magnetic field in the galactic plane

Most times, discoveries in Astronomy don't rely in the sagacity of the astroonomer in long nights in the telescope (actually, it's quite strange) but...
Hosting for business websites

Web Hosting: A Great Way to Help Your Business’ Website

More and more businesses are turning to web hosting companies as a one stop solution for their website management, and as those satisfied customers...
South Sudan war

South Sudan is again on a knife-edge

As the rainy season ends, armed groups start to take positions and continue the neverending civil war which makes impossible the distribution of food...
Kuiper belt and Oort cloud

Where the water came from?

Recent discoveries of the ESA's Rosetta mission gave new clues about the origin of the water in Earth or at least seems to discard...
Peyton Maning

Top 4 NFL Players of 2014

The NFL has become the most popular professional sports organization in the United States. Americans love their football. The 2014 season has helped solidify...
Using LinkedIn to stand out from job applicants

Using LinkedIn to stand out from other job applicants

Social media now plays pivotal role in the recruitment process, for both job hunters and employers. Employers will often base their entire candidate sourcing...
Simple steps to becoming a successful blogger

5 simple steps to becoming a successful blogger

You want to become a blogger? Do you know what it takes to avoid losing interest along the way? This piece tells you all...