Titani wreck

Expeditions to the wreck of the Titanic are about to begin

The fatal anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is just a few days away. On the night of April 14, 1912, her voyage...
Amazon headquarters

Amazon employees reject the creation of their first union in the U.S

Workers at a warehouse of the multinational e-commerce company Amazon in Alabama rejected by a large majority the creation of what would have been...
Monkey playing Pong

A monkey playing Pong is the first demonstration of Neuralink, Elon Musk’s project to...

Neuralink aims to connect brains and computers. It is Elon Musk's latest project and we know less about it. After several years of tests...
Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, dies at age 99

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died Friday at the age of 99, according to Buckingham Palace, which has confirmed that "he died peacefully at...
Senior retired

How to Retire Early: A Guide

Most people don’t love their jobs. For many, going to work is simply something that they have to do to earn enough money to...
Senior with prismatics

How to Keep Healthy in Retirement

It's important to live with health in mind at all stages of life, but it's even more vital as you get older and reach...
Senior biking near the beach

Looking After Your Health in Old Age

To make the most out of the wonderful journey that is old age, looking after your mental and physical health is essential. Retirement can be...

Twitter tried to buy Clubhouse for $4 billion

A report published by Bloomberg suggests that Twitter had the firm intention of taking over the social network in vogue during the pandemic: Clubhouse. For...

What are the “ghost guns” that Biden wants to ban in the US?

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, will announce on Thursday half a dozen measures to limit guns in the country, pressured by...
Alcohol gel

Five people die after attempting to get drunk with hydroalcoholic gel

Five people have been found dead in Taourirt (northeastern Morocco) after having ingested hydroalcoholic gel, which they bought with the presumed intention of getting...