Recommended fabrics for summer 0

Three recommended fabrics for this summer

As the heat is fast approaching and living in a house without air condition is just way too inconvenient, we always think and search...
Joe Biden speech

Joe Biden considers ordering Americans to get coronavirus vaccine

US President Joe Biden does not rule out the possibility that the government could order vaccination against covid-19 for all Americans. On this matter,...
Icon Whatsapp smartphone

WhatsApp now allows permanent muting and archiving of chats

WhatsApp announced a small change to its dynamic that will help keep your inbox organised, and free of content you consider irrelevant. Without the need...

4 essential tips to maintain the locking system of your house

If you are anything like most people, you'll forget about your locks after they've been put. After all, don't you believe they're meant to...
Nokia 6310

The legendary Nokia 6310 returns with weeks of battery life and slightly adapted to...

Nokia lives between the past and the present. As well as showing off their new Nokia XR20 and Nokia C30, they are also bringing back...

US breaks weekly shooting record with a total of 915 firearms incidents

Violence in the United States is once again making the news in the country's news and the number of incidents involving firearms has reached...
Open Camera app

Open Camera: a full-featured open source camera app

Many Android users want to use open source apps on their phone. Open source apps are secure, because their code is public, so we...
Boris Johnson 10 Downing Street

British government beset by controversy amid rising infection rates

As the months, ministers and advisers go by, Boris Johnson's British government seems to be locked in a never-ending spiral of controversy. The latest...

DeepMind has created the most complete map of human proteins to date using AI:...

The DeepMind research lab has created what is probably its greatest achievement to date: the most complete map of human proteins. Using artificial intelligence,...
Linux Mint desktop

The Ubuntu-based Linux distributions you should try out

There is little to say about Ubuntu that we don't already know. It is one of the most popular Linux distributions and behind it...