Peyton Maning

Top 4 NFL Players of 2014

The NFL has become the most popular professional sports organization in the United States. Americans love their football. The 2014 season has helped solidify...
Using LinkedIn to stand out from job applicants

Using LinkedIn to stand out from other job applicants

Social media now plays pivotal role in the recruitment process, for both job hunters and employers. Employers will often base their entire candidate sourcing...
Simple steps to becoming a successful blogger

5 simple steps to becoming a successful blogger

You want to become a blogger? Do you know what it takes to avoid losing interest along the way? This piece tells you all...
How to Present a Property Investment Proposition

How to present a group property investment proposition

One common activity for all property developers, and property clubs, is group presentations. It is the most common way to present investment ideas to...
Home makeover with friends and family

Home Makeovers on a Budget

No matter how much time and effort you put into making your home beautiful, there will come a point when it begins to look...
Attraction to luxury brands

Human nature behind attraction to luxury brands says new study

Being a leader in today’s world means understanding the way the world works. Intrinsically that means understanding people and how they interact with the...
Van Allen radiation belts

Earth is protected against “killer electrons”

Although we don't realize the electronic flows above our heads (and most times actually don't care about) the whole humankind is only able to exist...
Syria civil war

International agencies can’t deliver aid in Syria

A precarious operating environment constrains aid delivery to syrians due to neverending fights, blocked routes and lack of recognised authority in most of the...

A gene protects people against one of the major causes of stroke

A recently discovered gene protects some people from cervical artery dissection, a disease which can lead to compression of adjacent nerves and to blood...
Galaxies filamentary growth

There is a cosmic web of galaxies?

Researchers think galaxies evolve in the Universe in thread-like "filaments" in the cosmic web appeared a few billions years after the Big Bang. So,...