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How to skid a car


I’m sure you have a friend who boasts that he’s ever made his car skid and knows how to control it perfectly.

If you want to test his skills, one night you can go to the parking lot of a shopping mall, when it is completely empty, and there he can show you how to control a car to make it skid, how to turn it and how to make the 180-degree turn that you see in the movies, when the good guy tries to escape from the bad guys and goes backwards, turning quickly.

It’s very important that you stay outside the car, with your mobile phone in your hand, to record all of his stunts and immortalize his exploits. It is possible that so much skill deserves to be uploaded to social networks and shared with all the other drivers in the world who have never done anything like a skid … let alone with such ease, skill, brilliance, courage and efficiency.


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