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A dog takes away the magic of Star Wars in a second


After several weeks of building, piece by piece, a wonderful replica of an all-terrain armored transport, an AT-AT, surely what you want most is to put it in a spacious place and sit right in front of it, in an armchair, to observe it for hours; from time to time, you can get up to observe some detail (or go to the kitchen to get a drink) but then you return to the armchair to continue contemplating that masterpiece of contemporary modeling.

And while one is absorbed in the contemplation of such a marvel, the damned dog comes and ends the magic in two seconds.

Life is as it is, and it is not the poor dog’s fault that his instinct makes him do things like that since he started his doggy life but he could have waited until there was no one in the room not to kill the magic.

Surely the owner of that wonderful replica of an AT-AT will never see it again with the same affection.

Dog smells Star Wars AT-AT


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