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Hydration for videoconferencing


In these times that we live in, video conferencing has become an essential tool for work. Possibly in these last months you have had the experience of participating in one or many of these meetings. Sometimes they can be really tedious and make it necessary to rehydrate and, if they are too long, even feed a little to keep the tone throughout the meeting.

In extreme cases, it is also possible that the topic of the group call is no longer of interest to you but you still have to show up until the organizer decides to end the video conference. For these cases we offer you this hydration solution that will solve two problems at once:

– on the one hand it will help you stay hydrated and you won’t seem to be short of fluids during the meeting

– on the other hand it will help you to stay in the meeting but in a more relaxed way and if the situation is too long, you will even see a smile on your face while the rest of the participants talk non-stop.

It is not advisable to use this solution too many times during the same videoconference since from the fifth attempt of hydration our professional image could be damaged.


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