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Carrying food on planes

HumorCarrying food on planes

The issue of food on planes has been complicated forever.

Decades ago, when the experience of flying was reserved for the affluent classes, airplane menus were a mixture of the functional and the magical. No one liked airplane food, but everyone liked to talk about what that food was like, which so few could ever taste.

Then came the popularization of airplane flights, with the arrival of low cost companies and everyone could fly but one of the services that were suppressed in the cheap flights was the catering, so there was always the resource of paying a fortune for a mini bag of chips and take a snack in the hand luggage.

But what is really complicated is when you make a one-way flight, to stay a long time in your destination and want to bring food from your country that you will not find at your destination.

At customs you’ll find all sorts of problems when it comes to carrying food, but if you check your luggage you can take almost as much food as you like, as someone in this video did.

Will this gentleman like crab soup so much?


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