Intergenerational family conflicts have existed for as long as the family has existed, that is no secret to anyone.

Sons have always had to develop their personalities at some point during adolescence in opposition to family authority, normally it is the sons who argue with the fathers and the daughters who do the same with the mothers, in order to define some models of behaviour.

In recent times, the influence of the clan, the group of friends in which the young person is inserted and which influences the behaviour of the young person as a model, has been extended by means of the technological tool that are the social networks.Thus, while before a teenager did not have more models than their friends and acquaintances and some photos that saw in magazines for adolescents in which appeared singers, actresses and some other celebrities, everything was reduced to a nearby area, today there is Internet.

Now, however, family conflicts can spread through social networks and the differences between parents and children can come to the surface for all to see. In these cases, there are institutional mediation mechanisms to settle the differences.

Or things can be settled as this mother does:


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