Doing a group photograph has never been easy and now with the fashion of the selfies, this is even more evident; but where all the complexity of these images is really manifested in the video-selfies.

On one hand there are the technical difficulties of photography itself: composition, lighting, sound or movement. All this can be overcome with practice or by paying attention to those who master the specialty and can teach us many details that their experience has accumulated over the years. In any case, modern mobiles have an enormous arsenal of technical resources to make our small group videos have minimally acceptable results.

On the other hand there are the attitudes and skills of the participants in the video-selfie: not everyone has the same desire to appear on video, not everyone interprets equally what the final result of the shot should be, nor does everyone, even if they agree on the two previous points, have the same predisposition, the same talent to contribute something to the group video-selfie. There is nothing more frustrating for a group video than someone freezing in front of the camera while the others play the best role of their lives.

That’s why sometimes, as this girl does, it’s important to know how to apply immediate photogenic activation techniques that get everyone involved in the scene.

Judge for yourself and please leave your opinion below in the comments.



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