Sometimes in life you get the feeling that you have made the wrong decision.

Surely while reading that sentence you remember how you once did something that you are not very convinced of and that, no matter how much time passes, you are still not sure that you chose the right path.

First of all, you have to assume that living necessarily involves making mistakes, and mistakes are part of human nature. Analyze yourself and you will see how, knowing what you knew at that moment, the decision was the right one and if you were in the same circumstances again you would take it again. There is no point in complaining.

Now, if none of this restores your peace of mind, there is the other human side, the one that does not solve anything but comforts you and makes you more comfortable; if you ever made a wrong decision and now you regret it, you can also console yourself by thinking that you did what you could, knowing what you knew and with the possibilities you had but there are idiots out there who take them every day and the world keeps turning so … let bygones be bygones!


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