After drinking two bottles of wine, Melinda Friend, 42, from Brookhaven, Mississippi, set out to peel boiled eggs and videotape the process.

In the images you can hear Melinda say that she hates peeling boiled eggs and explains that her intention is to implement a method of peeling eggs that consists of breaking the shell at the ends, removing a pinch of the shell and blowing on one end.

“I’ve never in my life drunk two bottles of wine, but I have to teach you this because it’s the most fun I’ve ever had,” he said.

Following this method, the tipsy Melinda successfully achieved her purpose.

Melinda said, “I had so many eggs to peel that I decided to try something different.

“Once they cooled down, I spun them in a pot to break them up a bit, then I pinched the top and bottom and blew the eggs out.”


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