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Someone sells a photo of a PS5 printed on a sheet of paper for $499 as a trap for shopping bots… and it seems to work

HumorSomeone sells a photo of a PS5 printed on a sheet of paper for $499 as a trap for shopping bots... and it seems to work

Getting hold of a PS5 has become more complicated than looking for a needle in a haystack because consoles fly in seconds as soon as they go on sale in stores. To keep an eye on the launch of any unit, some people follow sales bots that alert them as soon as one is available.

However, there are those who have wanted to take advantage of the situation to make fun of these bots or anyone who can’t read. As we can see in a couple of images corresponding to an ad for a PS5 that has been put up for sale, a user is selling it for $499 plus shipping, which is what the console really costs, but the best thing about it is that it’s really just a piece of paper.

In the headline itself and in the description it is perfectly indicated that it is an image of a PS5 printed on a sheet of paper, nothing else. You can see that the resale bots haven’t noticed this essential detail and are biting when they accept the offer. What’s more, in one of the captures we can see that one of the two available units has even been sold.

What is not clear is whether it has been a bot or a person who has ended up paying such a large amount of money on a simple sheet of paper that can be obtained by anyone with a printer. Moreover, the ad itself warns in its description that if you are a human being do not buy it, while it assures that it is a great offer for bots, in order to troll them and play a trick on them. In fact, it assures that there will be no refunds, because if someone falls into the trap it is only because they can’t read, so you have to be careful with what you buy.


  1. I had this page saved a while ago but my computer crashed. I have since gotten a new one and it took me a while to find this! I also in fact like the template though.


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