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What became of the “crazy German kid”?

HumorWhat became of the "crazy German kid"?

Success did not sit well with the famous protagonist of the viral clip of “the crazy German boy”, and he had to completely change his life.

Sometimes a simple video can catapult any person, musical group or professional to fame, but it can also mark the future, and we are not talking precisely for the better.

Since the beginnings of YouTube, there have been many people who have been popularized and vitalized by different issues so much as to have their own memes on the networks, and as soon as you have been on the Internet for some time you will remember the famous German crazy boy.

However, the success of the original video even caused it to be subtitled so that everyone would know exactly what this 14 year old boy was saying.

If you haven’t seen it, you can see how this 14 year old boy gets really pissed off when he can’t enjoy the video game Unreal Tournament while he gets frustrated because the program won’t load and he loses the possibility to participate in the game.

In the images of the video we see how the boy loses control of himself, begins to utter many insults in German and even breaks his keyboard mercilessly jumping keys through the air.

This 14-year-old boy is actually called Norman Kochanowski and that video marked his life, but for the worse. However, in later interviews he has admitted that that video even took away his will to live, having to hide from the rest of society because many people ended up making fun of him.

In order not to be recognized on the street, he dyed his hair black, wore contact lenses to do without glasses and adopted a much more aggressive personality with the rest of the world, admitting that “I wanted people to be afraid of me because when they are afraid of me they don’t make fun of me”.

In fact he was expelled from his school when he started making threats in the assembly hall, and after leaving school he tried to look for a job which was impossible for a few years as he was recognized by interviewers.

So in that stage where he was expelled from his life as a student nor could he find a job, he ended up building his career as a bodybuilder and rapper, something that has changed his life, already for the better.

Right now he has a YouTube channel where he is known as Hercules Beatz AGK with almost 60,000 subscribers and where he gives bodybuilding classes and also sings some of his songs.

Luckily focusing on his gym life helped him find new friends, find a partner and even get his first car.

This is a clear example of a broken internet toy, in a person who goes viral, but ends up being consumed by success that turns against him.

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