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Local Indian ruler hospitalized after drinking “holy water” to prove it was not contaminated

A surreal event has taken place in India. A man had to be admitted to hospital after drinking water he considered blessed from a river to prove to the whole world that it was not contaminated last Sunday. He is none other than the chief minister of the state of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann. Last Thursday he was discharged after the event.

The Indian leader wanted everyone to see that nothing was wrong, so he had the moment of drinking water from the river recorded and immortalized. It was the Punjab state government that released the video through its official channels. The party wrote on Twitter, “Bhagwant Mann, while drinking holy water at Sultanpur Lodhi, the land touched by the feet of Guru Nanak Sahib (founder of Sikhism).”

During the 30-second footage, the prime minister is seen on a boat as he draws water from the polluted river and drinks it quite naturally. The water was undoubtedly contaminated with sewage waste from neighboring towns and villages.

As reported by ‘The Times of India’, the prime minister began to suffer from severe abdominal pain after drinking the contaminated water. However, the Punjab government has stated that the hospitalization was due to a routine check-up.

The act came under the framework of a state campaign to clean rivers and drains. “Bhagwant Mann also drank water from the Bein and said he was blessed to have been given this opportunity,” the administration said.

This type of video does not escape the spider’s web of social networks. It has gone around the world and has gone viral amidst jokes and complaints about river pollution in the Asian country.


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