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5 Must Have Pieces Of Technology For Sports Professionals


All avid athletes should supplement their sports performance with technological aids. The following guide details five essential pieces of equipment that sports professionals should own if they want to be successful. They will allow you to monitor more aspects of your training which will give you an indicator of performance and enable you to improve and create goals.

Accurate Wristwatch

Timing is a foundational element of any sport. Athletic professionals cannot afford to miss a moment, because every second could potentially change the game. A synchronized watch can avert any mishaps caused by poor clock management. A sports wrist watch combines the normal watch with varying useful features such as a timer, alarm, calorie burn tracker and heart rate monitor. These watches are usually made of tougher materials as well, to withstand physical activity.

Recovery Jacuzzi

Bathing is the quickest way to soothe sore muscles. An effective hot tub can efficiently mend aches and pains, especially if Epsom salt is dissolved into the water. Believe it or not, a Jacuzzi also aids overall performance and recovery by having it before exercise. It has been proven to decrease recovery time, reduce injury rates and increase overall flexibility.

Image: FreakingNews.com
Image: FreakingNews.com

Satellite Radio

In major leagues, it is crucial to maintain an awareness of potential competition. A satellite radio can enable media connectivity for a professional athlete anywhere in the world. This link can be used to tune into current matches between rivals that are upcoming on a personal schedule. It also has a wide range of content choices.

Exercise Equipment & Heart-Rate Monitor

Rigorous training is essential for any athlete to stay in the game. Every sport has different requirements, so the technology used has a tendency to differ depending on the profession. Regardless of the athletic regimen, a heart-rate monitor should usually accompany the machinery to ensure stable health. This will be useful to establish at what rate you are in your anaerobic zone, what rates you reach when increasing your output and also for recording your recovery rate. This will help you to monitor your progress.

White Noise Machine or Noise Cancelling Headphones

Rest is a cornerstone of a successful athlete’s career, and they cannot afford to be interrupted during relaxation before a big game. A sound barrier is often the sure-fire solution to guarantee a peaceful sleeping environment. What’s more, we can be disturbed a lot throughout sleep, by numerous noises ranging from electrical appliances in the home to outdoor sounds such as traffic and wildlife. The white noise machine produces sounds such as a rushing waterfall or wind between trees and is actually more like ‘pink’ noise rather than the harshness of white noise. These sounds are said to be therapeutic and mask distant intrusive noises.


The aforementioned tools can transform a sports professional’s playing abilities; however, there are no substitutes for a balanced mind and body. Physiological equilibrium will always outlast technological surrogates. They should be used more as a measurability tool.

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