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5 Tips For A Fashion Week Look On A Budget


As the fashion week season is in full swing with both the New York and London fashion week behind us, it is a good idea to see what are the main trends to take into account. The real fashion week look doesn’t come cheap, as it is mainly just the high-end fashion brands showcasing their designs in these events.

But it is possible to find ways to create a similar look without spending a fortune. Here are five tips for a fashion week look on a budget.

1. Bag Is A Must

If there is one accessory that can finish your look well this year it is a proper bag. Both the New York and London fashion weeks were full of amazing bags that you should try to include for your look.

Naturally you don’t need to spend a fortune for getting a designer bag. It is a good idea to go through your local second-hand shops because there are plenty of styles from the past in the bag trends at the moment.

2. Find Floral

Since floral is now a big thing it is really important to go around shopping for some floral items. You could also check out your mum’s wardrobe for any old floral dresses and then tweaking it to suit you.

If there is something you want to spend some money on then it should be floral clothing. Floral pants are especially trendy option to go with right now.

3. Tweak Items

You can also save a lot of money by tweaking your existing items in order to create a really fashionable look. There are plenty of good DIY clothing blogs online that can provide you plenty of tips for some great fashionable clothes.

At the moment large leather belts are a really good fashion accessory to make yourself, for example. You should also consider creating your own jewellery to save up on costs.

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4. Essentials From Wholesale

Many fashion week looks also use plenty of so called core items. For instance, there are plenty of single coloured shirts combined with quirkier scarfs or pants. It is a good idea to see how you could implement these wardrobe essentials in your look.

One of the most budget-friendly options for shopping these wardrobe essentials is to go for wholesale clothing. Purchasing cheap wholesale clothing is an amazing way of creating a good fashion week look with a tight budget.

5. Don’t Forget Hair And Makeup

Naturally, you shouldn’t just try to recreate the fashion week looks with clothes. Hair and makeup are essential part of being fashionable and there are some amazing ways to use your old makeup basics for a whole new look.

You can find tips from this Glamour Beauty article for creating a nice budget-friendly fashion week look. Having the right makeup and hair can really make your clothes look more high-end as well.

The above tips can help you create a high-end fashion week look without spending a fortune. It is a good idea to browse fashion week magazines and slideshows and get inspired. Aim for achieving the overall feel with your look and you’ll succeed.

About the author

Janine Stevenson is passionate about fashion but she doesn’t want it to cost a fortune. She is always looking for the best tips for recreating amazing looks without spending a lot of money. She also loves coffee and cakes.


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