Do you have a specific colour that has taken over your wardrobe? Is there a colour you like to wear when you aren’t really sure what to wear? The truth is that many of us have favourite colours when it comes to the clothing. And this choice can actually tell quite a bit about your personality.

Here is a quick look at what the colours you wear tell about your personality and a few tips for the best times and ways of wearing them.

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License: Creative Commons


Black is a huge favourite when it comes to fashion colours. It is quite a safe colour option but wearing black is not actually for people who are looking to stay away from the crowd.

People who wear a lot of black clothes are actually all about power and seriousness. They like to be the leader of the pack and aren’t about fun and games. A very elegant black cocktail dress says that you are there for business and it is a great colour to wear for business meetings.


Blue colour is perfect for people who are looking for stability. If you wear a lot of blue it really tells others that you are loyal and dependable. It is therefore a good option for first dates and work interviews, for instance. People really feel calm when they are surrounded by blue.

But don’t overdo the blue either. Too much blue can make the look very restless. Get a lovely blue cardigan, for example. Matching this with a grey dress looks really classy.


Gold is definitely a colour that many people avoid wearing. But confident people with high standards are most likely going to find a lot of it from their wardrobe. It is a colour that signifies wisdom and wealth and it looks really good in important occasions.

Add a splash of gold for your look with accessories, for example. Check out these suggestions for wearing gold by the All Women Stalk magazine. If you want to have some luxury in your life you definitely need more gold clothing.


Creative people are often the ones wearing green clothing. It is a colour that really highlights freshness and kindness and is a great colour to wear at work.

If you are heading to a meeting and you want to get new ideas then wear something green. A lovely green kaftan paired with some dark green leggings will definitely give everyone working with you fresh ideas.


If you are the one in the group who is always full of energy and passion, then your wardrobe is probably filled with red. Red is really the best colour for passion and it isn’t an easy colour to pull off.

It is important to wear red in a confident manner. If you are looking to wow your partner than you should definitely wear a red dress and perhaps opt for bright red shoes. This is a really good way of making an energetic entrance to any room and will definitely turn some heads.

You can find out a bit about your own personality by looking at the colours you wear. Colours are also great for influencing your mood so learn to use them well.

About the author:

Adeela Peters is really interested in different fashion trends. She likes to find stylish hijab fashion for women and is really interested in understanding more about the importance of colours in clothing.


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