There is no empirical evidence that brain trainers of any variety will improve your brain function or IQ, and that many only improve your ability to complete small puzzles as per the app. Still, most would assume that if there is a way to improve IQ then this is the way, so here are a few apps that may help you improve your IQ.

IQ test

IQ Booster – Android

This is a colourful app that has a series of questions in three categories which are knowledge, wisdom and logical. Pick a category and answer questions within and improve your IQ. Get better and better and you may move on to complete harder and harder test questions. It is an IQ training app and is not made to test your IQ in the traditional sense. This has to be said because people have claimed that you can type in answers at random and still get a passable mark, but if they had a higher IQ they may realize that any multiple choice test may be fluked into a passing grade.

IQ Boost – iOS & Android

Though similar in name, this is nothing like the app above (IQ Booster). This is a brain training game that is said to improve your fluid intelligence and short term memory. You have to dedicate a lot of effort to become good at it and it takes a little effort to learn how to play, but once you are up and running you will start to notice a difference in the overall state of your intellect.

IQ Test Free – iOS

This is a pretty looking app that poses you questions against a calming blue colour background. There is the classic test and the Mensa test, and after you have achieved your IQ score you get a global ranking too, among the ten million people who have downloaded and used the app. The tests take between fifteen minutes and thirty minutes to complete and you can share your results on social media if you are really that dull of a person.

Best IQ Test – Android

This app may seem a little dry, and its grey colour scheme does nothing to help that fact, but it is loaded with tests and puzzles that are going to help improve your IQ so that your brain runs as fast as fibre optic downloads. They have tried hard to make sure that language skills and cultural variations do not affect your answer or your results.

iLuvMozart (Boost your IQ) – iOS

This is a nicely designed app for improving your IQ. The basis of app comes through tests that showed school children worked better with Mozart playing than without, but later tests showed that school children worked better with music playing because they talked to each other less. Still, having Mozart playing is better than having the TV on or spoken word music playing, and the placebo effect still actually helps people study and become more intelligent because they think the app is helping, so it is easy to see why this app is very popular.

Chris is studying for his Masters degree in Physics. He loves gaming and is happy to try anything which might improve his brain power.


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