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Tips On Caring For Your Binoculars


Binoculars are optical instruments that typically consist of a pair of side by side mounted telescopes with a mechanism for focusing. Binoculars provide users with a wide field of view, this distinguishes them from field glasses that they are normally confused with. Additionally, each telescope has a prism in its lens system, a feature that is lacking in field glasses. Opera glasses, commonly used in theaters are basically field glasses with low magnifying power.

Binoculars are an essential tool for outdoor people like safari goers, bird watchers, among others. When properly taken care of, they have the ability to serve their purpose for a long time. Depending on the make and model, they can cost between a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars. It is therefore imperative to give them good care and maintenance so as to get the most out of this investment.

The Effects of Damage on a Pair Of Binoculars

Today’s binoculars are built to withstand considerable damage and stress. However, significant damage can interfere with their proper functioning and impair optical clarity. Light damage on the body will not affect clarity, but greater damage such as moisture intrusion, scratched or broken lenses and damaged focus wheels can interfere with waterproofing and obscure views. Properly caring for these instruments can significantly lengthen their life.

Care for binoculars

Caring For Your Binoculars Outdoors

Whether you inherited a set or bought a Paxton binoculars, several measures can help in reducing the risk of damaging your binoculars outdoors.
– Use a harness or strap to secure the binoculars around your neck. This reduces their chances of falling to the ground if accidentally dropped. Ensure that the straps are properly secured on the binoculars.

– Avoiding eating or drinking while using binoculars, this minimizes the risk of dropping food particles on the lenses end movable parts. If you have to take a drink to stay hydrated, turn your head away from the binoculars.

– If you have to use the binoculars in wet conditions, like in the rain or by the sea where sea sprays are common, attach rain guards at the end of the barrels in order to reduce the chances of water coming into contact with the lenses.

How To Properly Store Binoculars

Interestingly, binoculars stand a greater chance of getting damaged from improper storage. The following tips can help you properly store your binoculars.

– Do not store binoculars in direct sunlight, under extreme heat or cold. Extreme temperatures can cause the casing to suddenly expand or contract, this can cause the lenses to crack.

– Cover the lenses with lens caps and eyepiece covers during storage to prevent accumulation of dust.

– Always store binoculars in padded cases when traveling to prevent damage from sudden jolts. Also include silica gels in the cases to absorb ambient moisture.

How To Clean Binoculars

Wipe the casings with a damp cloth lay more emphasis on the rims and moveable parts, but avoid touching the lenses. Use compressed air to blow dust out of the crevices, the air should be delivered in controlled quantities to prevent accumulation of moisture.

Generally, the external parts of a binoculars require minimum care, however, the lens need specialized care to enhance clarity. The following tips can help you maintain the lens of a binoculars.

– Loosen dirt on the lens with a soft brush, the binoculars should be held upside down to ensure that the dust falls away from the binoculars. For waterproof binoculars, holding them under soft flowing water helps in loosening the dust.

– Use soft damp cotton wool to wipe off any remaining moisture. The cotton wool should be soaked in pure water or binoculars cleaning solution. Using harsh chemicals can damage the lens coating.


Properly caring for your binoculars guarantees you the best possible experience and assures you several years of enjoyable use. Always consult an experienced technician whenever your binoculars get damaged.

Bree Watts, the writer, loves giving practical advice on outdoor gadgets. She has given several interesting tips when camping or simply go on a hike. Her blogs feature several interesting places to camp and explore.



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