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New Dinner Ideas In San Antonio: Several Places You Need To Go

LeisureNew Dinner Ideas In San Antonio: Several Places You Need To Go

The staple of most evening dates involves dinner, usually followed by some kind of entertainment or activity, but this has become clichéd and boring for most people. For long time there have been restaurants that have combined dinner and theater to offer patrons a single stop to enjoy both a meal and a show, and in San Antonio there are a lot of options that you can consider that help to breathe new life to dinner and a show dates. Depending on the type of show that you want to see there are several places in particular that stand out for couples, each of which comes with a different price point and benefits.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Dinner and a movie is such a huge part of dating for most couples that the Alamo Drafthouse decided to fill the void. At the Alamo Drafthouse you will find many of the newest theater releases offered on a regular basis, but what makes the theater even more unique is that they show older movies as well. New movies or classic, there is sure to be something on the schedule that you will want to see, and the frequent changes to the line up make it a place that you will want to visit quite often. The theater also serves alcohol, and they have a strict policy against distractions in the theater, which serve to make it a place where you are unlikely to be bothered by children on your night out. The amount you spend will depend largely on what you order, so you have the most control with your expenses at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Celebrity Mystery Theater

Live comedy and improv are an important part of the theater scene, and the Celebrity Mystery Theater combines the best in comedy, impersonations, improv and dinner. Some of the very best performers in the area either got their start with Celebrity Mystery Theater or continue to work with the theater today, so the quality of the performances is truly top notch. In terms of pricing you will have to pay for quality, but because they shows are highly entertaining and lost for a couple of hours, the cost is worth it. The majority of the show is dedicated to scripted events written by the company, with some improvisational activities that encourage audience participation. This makes the dinner theater more interactive, and adds depth to the experience that is missing from some other dinner theater events.

Murder Mystery Texas

Interactive theater in San Antonio is at its best with Murder Mystery Texas and the large number of shows that they put on each month. The evening is filled with a gourmet meal, conversation and a murder mystery for the guests to solve, all at a price point that is higher than what you will see at some of the other theater options. What makes the price worth it is the quality of the show and the amount of effort that is put in to making sure that each guest has an experience that they will remember. Diners are given the opportunity to solve the mystery throughout the course of the meal, and at the end of the evening they are rewarded for their observations with prizes for the best and most humorous solutions.

San Antonio has a lot to offer other than just simple dinner and a movie, and if you want to have a date that breaks out of the traditional mold these are the places to go. Each theater experience is unique and you should consider going to all of them at least once.

I am Mario Rodriguez and I have been living in San Antonio for over twenty years. I wrote this article to talk about all of the great things the city has to offer dating couples.


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