There is much more to Natasha, 19, and Alexandra, 20, than meets the eye.
While they’re both steadily forging paths into the commercial and entertainment industry, Alex and Tash have had a very humble upbringing.

Natasha and Alexandra Ivkovic

Things were not always so glamorous when their parents migrated to Sydney, Australia in the early 1990s to begin a new life, where the girls were born. The young women are now avid advocates of public schooling, as both girls attended public education facilities throughout their lives.
Primary school saw Natasha’s creative side come through, where her passion for dance and drama was born. This was reflected in her participation in dance group, drama and talent quests. In contrast, Alexandra was a tomboy who joined all kinds of sports teams during primary school and loved learning Mandarin.

Natasha attended a Performing Arts high school, allowing her time to perfect and learn new skills in her craft. She engaged heavily in dance, drama and singing as well as running many charity events such as ‘Live Below the Line’, the ‘Blood Drive’ and ‘World’s Greatest Shave’. Amongst juggling her extra curricular activities, Natasha continued to be academically successful in all areas.

Alexandra attended two different high schools: initially girls school and then a co-ed school for the final two years of study. This is where her academic and structured side was developed, and her love for Legal Studies, English, Community and Family Studies showed through her excelling in those subjects. She also developed a keen passion for learning languages, and during high school she studied German and French extensively. However, both Tash and Alex are fluent in Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and English already.

Natasha IvkovicNatasha’s passion for performance began at just 7 years old when she quickly began taking acting, dancing and singing classes at Jdance Performance Studio. Natasha was a stand out from a young age, allowing her to develop the confidence required to believe in herself. At the age of 10, she began the yearlong preparation process for audition for Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, and was successful in securing a place for herself in the drama and dance streams.

Throughout high school, Natasha immersed herself in all that she could; performing in more than 30 theatre plays and dance performances whilst diligently continuing her lessons outside of school. She was also featured in numerous television shows such as ABC’s My Great Big Adventure, Channel Ten’s Puberty Blues and Deadly Women on the Discovery Channel.

In conjunction to her performing arts endeavors, Natasha found herself very involved in school extra curricular activities such as the Costume Company, Drama Company, Student Representative Council and Environmental Committee. This allowed her to actively participate in the running of charity events such as the Red Cross Blood Drive, The World’s Greatest Shave, Live Below the Line and the Exodus Foundation.

As though this wasn’t enough, NataNatasha Ivkovic 2sha began blogging about health and wellbeing- another passion of hers.
Natasha graduated with an excellent result and enrolled into the Australasian College of Natural Therapies to study a degree in Nutritional Medicine online as a distance education student, freeing her to pursue her acting dream.
The minimal amount of work within the entertainment industry available in Australia pushed Natasha to gain more experience abroad, and so upon graduating Natasha took her first solo adventure when she traveled to Toronto, Canada in pursuit of a career in the preforming arts.

The risky choice paid off extremely well. Natasha signed with the prestigious Fulcher Agency, former mother agent to the likes of Twiggy, and booked more jobs than she could have imagined. She was featured on TV series Paranormal Survivor, and scored the lead role in independent film Rotary. Modeling also came into play as Natasha became the online spokes-woman for and shot a campaign for an up and coming Canadian Make-up Company.
Soon after she returned home, Natasha took a second adventure, this time to Los Angeles, California to represent Australia in two international performing arts competitions: IMTA and IPOP. Natasha won an award in every category she entered, finishing with 12 awards altogether, putting her in the top 10 performers in both competitions.
To top off her winnings, Natasha was scouted and signed by a major management company in LA: Discover Management.

AAlexandra Ivkovicmongst all of her modeling gigs, Alexandra is still very much in touch with her academic side and is currently studying a double degree at Macquarie University in Sydney. She is completing her Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sociology with a Bachelor of Law. The quiet and studious type by nature, this time last year at 19 years of age, Alexandra was successfully working at McGrath real estate agency in Sydney’s inner-west while studying full time. Her work and interests then dramatically changed when she became a New South Wales state finalist and then a National finalist in the coveted Miss Universe Australia pageant, which was held in Melbourne last year over the period of a few days. This allowed her to not only get out of her comfort zone, but also connect with like-minded young women and develop her interest in women’s body image. This then lead to her being signed by one of Australia’s leading commercial modeling agencies – Scoop Management, who have been nurturing her new modeling career since mid last year. Alexandra has become extremely passionate about body image, health, self worth, mental health and bullying – particularly amongst young women.


Alexandra IvkovicAlexandra is extremely excited on her journey and loves the creative aspects of her job, as well as the way in which it allows her to connect with like-minded people. Amongst modeling, Alexandra has also been part of a number of TV commercials and shows, and was fortunate enough to land a small-featured role in ‘Truth’ – a movie premiering at the end of the year, starring Cate Blanchett, Robert Redford, Topher Grace, Dennis Quaid and Elisabeth Moss.

The talented sisters are making leaps and bounds in the industry, and although they may have had quite different interests and skills growing up, they are now both extremely passionate about health, environmental sustainability, higher consciousness and wellbeing. They hope to use their success to educate and help others through various partnerships and platforms.



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