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Three Good Reasons to Buy Clothing Made in England


When shopping for clothing we usually tend to think in terms of budget. However, did you ever stop to think about where that clothing was made and how it affects you on a personal level? Actually, there is a growing trend to buy products manufactured here at home in the UK, and anyone living in London, for example, should be aware of the advantages of buying products made at home. Here are three good reasons to buy clothing made in England.

British clothing

1) Good for the Local Economy

Before you go any further, stop for a moment to think about all the local jobs that are provided when English consumers buy products manufactured here at home. Your job, although unrelated to the clothing industry, may be directly impacted by the ability of that fashion company to stay operational. Every worker puts money into the economy in a number of ways from their purchasing power to paying taxes, so it really is in your best interest to buy products made in England. By helping each other to stay afloat, we can do our part in keeping the local economy from bottoming out.

2) Guaranteed Quality

Another important factor when shopping for clothing is the quality you will be getting. Sure, products made in emerging markets may be a whole lot cheaper, but quality usually suffers as a result. Take a look at clothing made in England by Lavender Hill Clothing and you will see what quality is all about. Many companies such as Lavender Hill take great pride in manufacturing high-quality products that just aren’t available from foreign sources. As a result, they make extra special effort in finding the best raw materials to work with. If they post adverts that their product line is ‘made in England,’ you can be sure they will give quality 150% of their attention.

3) Passion for the Homeland

Then there is the fact that we should all be proud of our roots. Many people refuse to buy foreign manufactured products because of their passion for the homeland and anything British. You can show your support of our nation through buying and wearing clothing made in England. No, you don’t have to wear T-shits with the Union Jack imprinted on them as was the style back in the ‘80’s and worn by rock idols. However, you can show pride in, and passion for, the homeland by wearing clothing made in the UK.

Those are just three reasons to buy clothing made in England. It also goes without saying that London is one of the leading fashion hubs of the world, so you can always be assured that English styles will be trendsetting in any generation. From keeping the economy alive to visibly wearing our English pride, buying British designed and manufactured clothing has its advantages. You don’t have to be a patriot to appreciate those advantages because buying at home keeps you going at home. That, in itself, should be all the reason you need.


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