Weddings used to involve countless suppliers visiting the venue on the big day, from the wedding photographer to the pastry chef, delivering their product of choice. Now, thanks to companies such as Michael Dark, those days appear to be slowly on their way out as florists start to provide a magnitude of different services.

In the case of, this is a company who are primarily associated with flowers and floral craft. Their reputation has been based on creating bouquets, either real or artificial, and forming them in a way which suits one’s style and budget.

The company have now attempted to bask in their reputation and offer other services to would-be brides and grooms. Many of these revolve around decorations that once had to be sourced from a variety of suppliers, so in short the whole process has been simplified substantially.

For example, cake stands once had to be sourced directly from the cake supplier itself. This was perfectly appropriate in relation to the main wedding cake, but with most big days having all sorts of other foods, sometimes involving smaller cakes, it became difficult to facilitate such food. With Michael Dark selling some cupcake plates from as little as £1.65, it’s not just hassle that the happy couple are cutting out, but significant expense as well.

On the subject of cupcakes, this is another area which the company specialise in. Admittedly, these are not of the edible variety, but as any seasoned wedding guest will testify artificial cupcakes can make an ideal table decoration. With Michael Dark selling a whole host of different designs, some of which arrive in crackers while others are positioned cutely in tea cups, it means that smart table decorations can again be sought from the supplier who was once only charged with the bride’s bouquet.

Perhaps the magnitude of these services can be highlighted through the confetti which is available. Again, some couples will source a company who exclusively supply confetti, but this again promotes the problem of “too many cooks”. With Michael Dark having table bags that are available from as little as 65p, it stands to reason that this is another product which can be handed to just one firm to deal with.

However, not all of these decorations have to focus around the table. On the topic of confetti, it’s possible to purchase ones for the church itself with bags again being available from just 65p. For those couples who want to be a little more outlandish, one can even buy a confetti cone tray to provide guests with an even more premium confetti throwing experience – if there ever was such a thing.

In other areas of the venue, Michael Dark facilitate umpteen other decorations such as chair sashes, candles, birdcages and even lighting. Immediately, several suppliers have been condensed into one.

The supplies actually extend outside of the venue, with the company even holding accessories for the wedding vehicle itself. It’s here that the bride and groom, or the wedding planner of choice, can opt for bows, ribbons and garlands to flatter their car and tell the world that they hold that elusive newlywed status.

In an era where simplicity is something we all crave, the fact that companies are now adding more strings to their bow just makes the whole wedding planning experiences so much easier for the bride and groom. Gone are the days where the traditional florist only used to deliver flowers on the day, as Michael Dark are proving these services can be extended to no-end of other products.


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