Life costs a lot of money. Once upon a time, only people in big cities found that thing were expensive, but it is now something that is seen absolutely everywhere. Additionally, even going on vacation somewhere is no longer a guarantee to get cheap deals on things. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could still enjoy your favorite hobbies without it costing you the earth? Luckily for you, this is actually possible! Or at least, it is if you are a smoker.

Smoking Cigarettes

If you are smoker, you will know how much these little relaxation items actually cost. One way to reduce this huge bill is by making your own cigarettes. Indeed, getting to grips with how cigarette tubes work could save you hundreds, if not thousands, over time. All you need is the tubes, some tobacco and a stuffing machine, all of which are available online, and you are good to go. But how do you make your own cigarettes?

Tobacco stuffing machine

How to Make Your Own Cigarettes

Making your own cigarettes is actually a very easy process. All you have to do is complete the following steps:

  1. Purchase the equipment you need. This includes dry tobacco, a stuffing machine and your cigarette tubes. Luckily, you only have to purchase the stuffing machine once. Money saved already!

  2. Put a cigarette tube in your stuffing machine. Alternatively, you can leave this step until later. Once you start making your own cigarettes, you will notice that you will start to have your own preferences.

  3. Grab a bit of your tobacco and put it in the actual stuffing machine. This isn’t hard, but if you do struggle, you may want to check a YouTube video or other instructional post.

  4. Gently push your tobacco with your thumbs and index finger until it is in the machine.

  5. Close the machine and gently push it. You need to do this a few times. Remember to be gentle, no need to show Hulk-like strength on the poor machine! Pressing it a few times means that your cigarette will come out nicely paced. If you press too hard or put too much tobacco in, then your cigarette will be so tight that you need to have super strength lungs to get a drag. This really is a case of practicing until you get it right. If you did not put your cigarette tube in place at step 2, now is the time to do it.

  6. Carefully close your machine now and then hold it down. There should be a big button, which has been holding your cigarette in place while you were sliding it backwards. Press this button now all the way to the end and the careful slide it back into place. This is the hardest part and you will likely fail a few times.

  7. Remove your cigarette from the machine.

  8. Light up and enjoy!


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