Sloe gin is a delicious drink that many people choose to brew at home. It doesn’t taste at all like pure gin because it has a more refreshing, fruity flavour that people can enjoy when they’re relaxing at home after a hard day at work, or when celebrating a special occasion with friends.

The best time to prepare your own sloe gin is the autumn because this time of year gives you the two months that you need for it to mature and be ready for the holidays. Check out the tips below to make your very own sloe gin to indulge in.

Get Enough Sloes

The first step obviously involves getting some sloes, which are fruits that come off the blackthorn bush. These plum-like, small fruits are easy to find throughout the latter part of autumn, and you can find them at local markets and woodlands, as well as grow your own at home. The plants grow pretty quickly.

Choosing a Recipe

Recipes for sloe gin vary from region to region throughout the UK. No matter what, though, this is typically a really easy drink to brew on your own.

Bear in mind that the amount of sugar that you add to the drink will affect the taste, so you may need to make a few batches with different amounts of sugar until you find the sweetness or tartness that you like best. To start, you can add 150 grams of sugar for every bottle of sloe gin you’re planning on making, but you can also use up to 300 grams if you want it to be sweeter.

Putting It All Together

Get a recycled half-litre plastic or glass bottle that you can properly sterilise. You can also use a decanter if you wish. The key is to be certain the bottle is airtight, and the neck should also be big enough for you to easily put a sloe through it. You should get enough sloes so that you can use them to fill up half of the bottle.

Take each sloe and prick it several times with a fork or a cocktail stick in order to let the juices come through the thick skin. As you do this, put each into the empty bottle. And once they’re all in the bottle, add about a half of a litre of gin and your preferred amount of sugar. This will jumpstart the fermentation.

Seal your bottle tightly and shake it thoroughly every other day for about a week. After that first week, shake it once a week for a couple months until it’s ready to be enjoyed. Store it in a dark, cool place, away from sunlight and where the temperature won’t fluctuate the whole time.

If you don’t want to take the time to make your own sloe gin, you can purchase it already made. For example, you can visit for gardening gifts that you can enjoy on your own or in the company of friends and family. And, better yet, when you buy from Glut, you won’t only receive a bottle of delicious gin. You’ll also get some sloe bushes as well so you can make your own gin in years to come – now doesn’t that sound good?


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