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Do Your Friends a Favor by Choosing Bridesmaids’ Dresses They’ll Want to Wear Again and Again!


Being chosen as a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding is a huge honor, and can be a really exciting time for any woman. You get to play a big part in the preparations and the wedding itself, and, if you are single yourself, are in prime position to meet up with any handsome, unattached friends of the groom! As the bride then, you may assume that your bridesmaids will be so delighted to be given this opportunity to look forward to, that they will be more than happy to go along with whatever you want to make the wedding perfect for you.

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The Expense of Being a Bridesmaid

In most cases, this is absolutely true, however, there is one matter that many bridesmaids are too embarrassed to tell the bride to be is troubling them – being a bridesmaid can be expensive. Of course, for you this is the biggest day of your life and you have carefully worked out a budget for every extravagance you want to make it special, but for your bridesmaids, no matter how much they love you, somebody else’s wedding can be seen as somewhat lower on their list of spending priorities, especially if money is tight. This is why, if you expect the bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses, you need to consider choosing dresses that will not just be a one off outfit specific to your wedding, but which can become functional parts of their wardrobes after the event.

Why Not All Bridesmaid Dresses Are Good Value to Their Owners

Many bridesmaid dresses look like, and in fact are, normal evening dresses, cocktail dresses, or formal gowns (depending on how formal the wedding). These are generally perfectly suitable to come out of the owner’s wardrobe for other occasions, such as being a guest at a different wedding, or an office Christmas party (as long as none of the other bridesmaids are going to the same event and may have the same idea!). These are the best kind of dresses from the bridesmaid’s perspective, because while she has to buy an expensive dress, it is an investment in her wardrobe that she can get wear out of for years to come when party invitations come in. The other style of bridesmaid dress, that is one that has been custom made to match your wedding colors and may well be some kind of frou frou confection in a color she wouldn’t choose for herself like peach or sage green, can be less appealing for a bridesmaid to have to spend money on.

Choosing a Good Style

Do your bridesmaids a favor and choose something they can wear again. There are all kinds of really elegant lace bridesmaid dresses in neutral colors that can work with even the most unusual bridal color schemes, or you can opt for a color that your bridesmaids love to wear in general, such as red or pink.

Choose versatile bridesmaid dresses your girls can wear again. Or, if you have your heart set on a quartet of your best friends dressed in frothy lemon colored taffeta, offer to pay at least part of the cost of the dresses out of your wedding budget!


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