Probably you’ve heard about Tinder and you’re not sure enough to sign up or maybe you had it installed for some weeks in your smartphone and uninstalled it because you had no success. Don’t worry; if there is more than ten million matches every day, it can’t be so hard, it’s just a question of optimization.

The basics

Tinder is an app for smartphones. You need a Facebook account to log in, but your data are not visible for anyone nor the app will post anything in your wall. Your first step is to set up your preferences: you want to connect with men/women with a certain age who live around you (five miles around, in example). Then, the app will show you users who match and you only need to select it you want to chat with them or not. If both select OK for each other (swiping the picture to the right), you can chat to have a date or not.

How to get more rightswipes

The following infographic from Roulette Online explains how to optimize your account to have more productive matches; it’s not just a question of quantity but of quality. Keep in mind 87% of users is between 18 and 34 years old and this is an app to meet new people, not to show your pictures (Instagram), chat (Whatsapp) or to stay alone (Google+).

How to optimize tinder


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